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My Disciples Are All Villains (Web Novel)


Lu Zhou wakes up to become the world’s most powerful and oldest villainous Patriarch, and finds that he has nine notorious disciples who are full of evil. His eldest disciple is the leader of the Nether Sect with thousands of minions, and his second disciple—Sword Devil—always slaughters others at the slightest disagreement…
Without his cultivation base, how will he handle these evil disciples?
His eldest disciple, Yu Zhenghai, said, “I’ve never had a rival in my life, and no one but Master can make me bow my head.”
His seventh disciple, Si Wuya, said, “We can’t eat or sleep in peace as long as the Master is not dead!”

His ninth disciple, Yuan’er, said, “I’ll remember what Master said and be a good person.”

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 238 Yu Shangrong’s Attitude2020-10-22
Chapter 237 Mingshi Yin’s Method2020-10-22
Chapter 236 Come Back With Me To Face Master2020-10-21
Chapter 235 Making Things Difficult For A Fellow Disciple2020-10-21
Chapter 234 A Friend With The Surname Ri2020-10-21
Chapter 233 The Person Who Hates The Evil Sky Pavilion The Most2020-10-21
Chapter 232 The Secret To A Long Life2020-10-20
Chapter 231 In the Same Boat2020-10-20
Chapter 230 Si Wuya’s Method2020-10-18
Chapter 229 Your Lives Have Nothing To Do With Me2020-10-18
Chapter 228 Binding Mantra2020-10-17
Chapter 227 Why Do You Slander Me, Third Junior Brother?2020-10-17
Chapter 226 Catching Disciples2020-10-17
Chapter 225 Yu Zhenghai’s Ambition2020-10-17
Chapter 224 Four Dark Knights2020-10-15
Chapter 223 Reinforcements from the Palace2020-10-15
Chapter 222 Think About the Shining Golden Palm2020-10-15
Chapter 221 No Chance To Act Like A Pretentious Prick2020-10-15
Chapter 220 Mo Li and Mo Qi2020-10-15
Chapter 219 Slender West Lake, A Person of the Evil Sky Pavilion2020-10-14
Chapter 2182020-10-14
Chapter 217 Even A Pig Has Its Value2020-10-12
Chapter 216 Depravity?2020-10-12
Chapter 215 Time and Tide Wait For No Man2020-10-12
Chapter 214 Open The Heavenly Writing Scroll2020-10-10
Chapter 213 Sky Fragments Combined2020-10-10
Chapter 212 The Old Beggar2020-10-09
Chapter 211 Fragments Collected2020-10-09
Chapter 210 The Nameless Beggar and the Return of Yunsan Hua Yuexing turned away. She looked at the ground and said, “Why should I be afraid? I’ll be joining them soon anyway.” Upon hearing this, the old beggar seemed to sober up slightly. He smiled and s2020-10-09
Chapter 209: This Is For Your Own Good2020-10-07
Chapter 208: The Right to Join the Evil Sky Pavilion! Where Is Si Wuya?2020-10-07
Chapter 207: Seven Days? Lady Jade Was Harmed?2020-10-07
Chapter 206: Nowhere to Run, Yanzi Yunsan!2020-10-07
Chapter 205: Hua Yuexing, One of the Divine Capital’s Three Godly Archers2020-10-07
Chapter 204: Strength Does Not Lie in Numbers2020-10-07
Chapter 203: Skylark Pagoda2020-10-07
Chapter 202: Come Down, Eldest Senior Brother2020-10-07
Chapter 201: Grand Technique, Scram2020-10-07
Chapter 200: The Greatest Cult Under The Heavens2020-10-05
Chapter 199: A Battle of Impostors2020-10-05
Chapter 198: Disturbance in Anyang2020-10-05
Chapter 197: First Meeting With Second Senior Brother2020-10-05
Chapter 196: Revisiting Anyang, Same City, Different People2020-10-05
Chapter 195: At Sixteen2020-10-05
Chapter 194: Aligning Stars2020-10-05
Chapter 193: She’s Not a Child Anymore2020-10-05
Chapter 192: Emancipate Yourself and Become the Master2020-10-05
Chapter 191: The Nirvana Sash2020-10-05
Chapter 190: Taking Leave2020-10-05
Chapter 189: Nascent Divinity Tribulation Realm2020-10-05
Chapter 188: Another Junk?2020-10-05
Chapter 187: Seven Star Soul2020-10-05
Chapter 186: Sky Fragment2020-10-05
Chapter 185: Every Family Has Its Own Problems2020-10-05
Chapter 184: Four Season Vanities, Arhats Combined!2020-10-04
Chapter 183: The Four Divine Monks, Wen Jue Zhi Zhang2020-10-04
Chapter 182: I’ll Grant Your Wish2020-10-03
Chapter 181: A Fine Line2020-10-03
Chapter 180: I Have Always Been Reasonable2020-10-02
Chapter 179: No Choice2020-10-02
Chapter 178: An Exorbitant Price2020-10-01
Chapter 177: Submit or Be Clobbered2020-10-01
Chapter 176: Exception2020-09-30
Chapter 175: Return, Enter Three Souls2020-09-30
Chapter 174: The Sword Devil’s Principles2020-09-29
Chapter 173: Seven-leaf Hua Wudao, Nine Scripts Six Compatible Seal2020-09-29
Chapter 172: A Newcomer Should Have a Newcomer’s Resolve2020-09-28
Chapter 171: My Sincere Heart Shines as Brightly as the Sun and the Moon2020-09-28
Chapter 170: Sable Magnolia2020-09-27
Chapter 169: The Rascal Has Nowhere to Run2020-09-27
Chapter 168: This is for Your Own Good, Eighth Junior Brother2020-09-26
Chapter 167: Such Is His Fate2020-09-26
Chapter 166: Nobody Can Do Anything About Me2020-09-25
Chapter 165: Your Ten-year Limit2020-09-25
Chapter 164: The Most Powerful Subordinate2020-09-24
Chapter 163: Breaking the Cocoon or Binding Oneself2020-09-24
Chapter 162: The Incredible Bai People2020-09-23
Chapter 161: I Know Your Schemes2020-09-23
Chapter 160: Wei Zhuoyan Has Such Resolve?2020-09-22
Chapter 159: Cheng Huang? Ye Tianxin’s Alive!2020-09-22
Chapter 158: So Weak That It’s Boring2020-09-21
Chapter 157: Fan Xiuwen’s Choice2020-09-21
Chapter 156: The Predecessors’ Determination to End in Mutual Destruction?2020-09-20
Chapter 155: The Nine Cuts Hand Seals2020-09-20
Chapter 154: Unexpected2020-09-19
Chapter 153: The Ten Shamans Have Arrived, Hold the Fort!2020-09-19
Chapter 152: Sword Saint Luo Shisan2020-09-18
Chapter 151: Power of the Ten Shamans2020-09-18
Chapter 150: Deliberately2020-09-17
Chapter 149: How Dare You Plot Against Golden Court Mountain?2020-09-17
Chapter 148: The Cloud-splitting Chariot2020-09-16
Chapter 147: A Neglected Treasure2020-09-16
Chapter 146: A Good Deal2020-09-15
Chapter 145: A Red Hand is Needed to Open the Box2020-09-15
Chapter 144: The Magnanimous Eldest Senior Brother2020-09-14
Chapter 143: The Box’s Secret2020-09-14
Chapter 142: Don’t Be Afraid, Junior Brother2020-09-14
Chapter 141: I’m Not a Pushover2020-09-13
Chapter 140: Long Time No See, Eighth Junior Brother2020-09-13
Chapter 139: Beard the Lion in His Den2020-09-12
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