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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel)


A young juvenile’s dantian was sealed since childhood. He can learn all elementary laws and master all martial art techniques. Various Kings strive to reach the heavens, new warlords rise together simultaneously, great races stand with thousands of numbers. From the moment that youth awakens, Everyone will shiver in his presence…….Humans unfair to ME, millions of corpses on the ground.


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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 1355: Dense Fog Forest2021-01-22
Chapter 1354: I am Here for You2021-01-22
Chapter 1353: Xiaonu, Wait for Me!2021-01-21
Chapter 1352: Leaving Voluntarily2021-01-21
Chapter 1351: Drizzling Mountain Ridges2021-01-21
Chapter 1350: Green Eagle King2021-01-20
Chapter 1349: A Blood Storm2021-01-19
Chapter 1348: Blue Lion City2021-01-19
Chapter 1347: Free Bodyguards2021-01-18
Chapter 1346: Beaten the Eagle for so Many Years, and Now It’s Biting Back2021-01-18
Chapter 1345: You Won’t Shed Tears Until You See the Coffin2021-01-17
Chapter 1344: Decimation2021-01-17
Chapter 1343: Weird Fragrance2021-01-16
Chapter 1342: Important Men2021-01-16
Chapter 1341: Lord Xiao Di2021-01-16
Chapter 1340: Mad Dog2021-01-15
Chapter 1339: Name Your Request!2021-01-14
Chapter 1338: Enemy Attack!2021-01-14
Chapter 1337: Slowly, My Foot!2021-01-13
Chapter 1336: Master, Are You Crazy?2021-01-13
Chapter 1335: I Want Proof2021-01-12
Chapter 1334: God King Soul Slave2021-01-12
Chapter 1333: Are You Reinforcements Sent by the Monkey?2021-01-11
Chapter 1332: Golden Geocentric Flames2021-01-11
Chapter 1331: Jiang Yi Must Die!2021-01-10
Chapter 1330: Luo Ting, Die!2021-01-10
Chapter 1329: Ancient-Grade Chaos Beast2021-01-09
Chapter 1328: You are a Retard2021-01-09
Chapter 1327: The Big Fish Takes the Bait2021-01-08
Chapter 1326: You are Jiang Yi!2021-01-08
Chapter 1325: Fleeing2021-01-07
Chapter 1324: That Lad… had Disappeared!2021-01-07
Chapter 1323: Thunderbolt Rock2021-01-06
Chapter 1322: The Hunt Begins2021-01-06
Chapter 1321: Not Acting Logically2021-01-05
Chapter 1320: Art of Concealment2021-01-05
Chapter 1319: Bait2021-01-04
Chapter 1318: Transaction2021-01-04
Chapter 1317: Forced Buying, Forced Selling2021-01-03
Chapter 1316: Falsification2021-01-03
Chapter 1315: Mighty God Technique2021-01-02
Chapter 1314: Rather Die than Submit!2021-01-02
Chapter 1313: Feeling of Belonging2021-01-01
Chapter 1312: Luo Qingyan2021-01-01
Chapter 1311: Clever Tongue2020-12-31
Chapter 1310: Beheaded2020-12-31
Chapter 1309: Taking the Unorthodox Path2020-12-30
Chapter 1308: Black Market Castle2020-12-30
Chapter 1307: Merged Flames2020-12-29
Chapter 1306: Fire-Cultivating Dao2020-12-29
Chapter 1305: Assassination Mission2020-12-28
Chapter 1304: Jiang Xiaonu Found2020-12-28
Chapter 1303: Sister Mei2020-12-27
Chapter 1302: Demon-Killing Battle General2020-12-27
Chapter 1301: Let Me Borrow Your Head!2020-12-26
Chapter 1300: Destroying Chaos Beasts2020-12-26
Chapter 1299: Strange Flames2020-12-25
Chapter 1298: A Wolf In Front and a Tiger at the Back2020-12-25
Chapter 1297: Encountering a Chaos Beast2020-12-24
Chapter 1296: First Battle Victorious2020-12-24
Chapter 1295: I Bet They Will Definitely Die!2020-12-23
Chapter 1294: Appraisal2020-12-23
Chapter 1293: Divine Eagle City2020-12-22
Chapter 1292: God Bandits2020-12-22
Chapter 1291: Primitive-Grade Chaos Beast2020-12-22
Chapter 1290: Hard Blow2020-12-22
Chapter 1289: Earth Emanations Pavilion, Battle God Pavilion, Demon-Killing Pavilion2020-12-22
Chapter 1288: Divine Boat2020-12-20
Chapter 1287: Earth Emanations Domain2020-12-19
Chapter 1286: A New Journey2020-12-19
Chapter 1285: True God2020-12-18
Chapter 1284: Congealing a Divine Core2020-12-18
Chapter 1283: Jiang Thearch, Please Accept Me as Your Spirit Beast2020-12-17
Chapter 1282: Ultimate Dao Pattern2020-12-17
Chapter 1281: Earth-Elemental Dao Pattern2020-12-16
Chapter 1280: Crazy2020-12-16
Chapter 12792020-12-15
Chapter 1278: Secret of the Fire Dragon Sword2020-12-15
Chapter 1277: Go and Look for the Mystic Thearch and Yi Piaopiao!2020-12-14
Chapter 1276: Paths of Death!2020-12-14
Chapter 1275: Ignorant Brat2020-12-13
Chapter 1274: Where did You get Your Sword From?2020-12-13
Chapter 1273: Overlord Demon2020-12-12
Chapter 1272: The Big Killing Weapon!2020-12-12
Chapter 1271: Not Acting According to Plan!2020-12-11
Chapter 1270: The Real Battle!2020-12-11
Chapter 1269: Smelting Divine Demon Flames2020-12-11
Chapter 1268: North Thearch, Dead!2020-12-10
Chapter 1267: Stellarsky Domain’s Overlord2020-12-09
Chapter 1266: The Most Powerful Attack2020-12-09
Chapter 1265: Heaven Nether Divine Formation2020-12-08
Chapter 1264: Xing Mo’s Reliability2020-12-08
Chapter 1263: Showdown2020-12-07
Chapter 1262: I Will Play With You2020-12-07
Chapter 1261: Strange Things Must Have a Catch!2020-12-06
Chapter 1260: Majesty Father has been Waiting for You for a Long Time!2020-12-06
Chapter 1259: Where is the North Thearch?2020-12-05
Chapter 1258: Path of Death!2020-12-05
Chapter 1257: Meteorite-Killing Formation!2020-12-04
Chapter 1256: Abnormal Innate Talents2020-12-04
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