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My Senior Brother is Too Steady (Web Novel)


After being reborn in the ancient times before the Great God-Conferment War, Li Changshou becomes a minor cultivator. He is neither destined for great things nor great woe. His only dream is to live a long life as a cultivator. In order to survive in the cruel Primordial Times, Li Changshou tries hard not to accumulate any karma—killing inevitably leads to feuds.

Thus, he always plans thoroughly before doing anything and never allows himself to walk into dangerous situations. He hides his trump cards well, trains himself in escape techniques, refines poisonous pills, and masters his mystical abilities. Before making any moves, he takes on an extremely steady demeanor. Yet, every move of his ends up earth-shattering. Once he is done, he will disappear without a trace.

Li Changshou originally plans to remain hidden and safe in the mountain. There, he is supposed to cultivate until he ascends to immortality. However, everything changed one year when his master seems to think that their lives are too peaceful… He takes in a junior sister…

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 217 40,000 On the Surface, But In Actual Fact…2020-10-25
Chapter 216 We’ve Even Prepared Music For The Debut2020-10-25
Chapter 215 Great Daoist Master, Look Who’s There2020-10-23
Chapter 214 The Secret Plan Of The Twelve Strategies Of The Steadiness Sutra2020-10-23
Chapter 213 The Spinus Is Not Settled for the South Ocean!2020-10-23
Chapter 212 Smile Without Saying A Word2020-10-23
Chapter 211 Your Name Is Bian Zhuang!2020-10-22
Chapter 210 From the Director to the Audience2020-10-22
Chapter 209 The Good Planners Are Finally…2020-10-20
Chapter 208 The Super Evolution Of Immortal Bean Soldiers2020-10-20
Chapter 207 Gongming Is Definitely Going To Help!2020-10-20
Chapter 206 Oath of the Great Dao, One Key, And Five Chains2020-10-20
Chapter 205 No One Can Defeat This Penniless Priest in This Field!2020-10-20
Chapter 204 Grandmaster, This Is As Far As I Can Help You2020-10-20
Chapter 203 Changshou Has His Own Brilliant Plan2020-10-20
Chapter 202 While Keeping A Low Profile, There Are Traces Of Extravagance2020-10-18
Chapter 201 Since Ancient Times, There Have Been Many Emotions And Hatred. This Hatred…2020-10-18
Chapter 200 So Sad2020-10-18
Chapter 199 May I ask For Fairy Le’er’s Name?2020-10-18
Chapter 198 I, Ao Yi, Definitely Can’t…2020-10-18
Chapter 197 An Evil Conscience2020-10-16
Chapter 196 Don’t Talk, Kiss the Goose2020-10-16
Chapter 195 Boundless Sea2020-10-16
Chapter 194 Sensitive Moon Elder, Protecting Li Changshou2020-10-14
Chapter 193 Here It Comes2020-10-14
Chapter 192 You Can’t Judge A…Bean By Its Cover…2020-10-14
Chapter 191 If You Don’t Change, You Can’t Get Your Soul2020-10-14
Chapter 189 The Back View2020-10-11
Chapter 190 Human Dharma Treasure Candidate2020-10-14
Chapter 188 I Understood, Understood Everything!2020-10-11
Chapter 187 A Hefty Gift to Trick Li Changshou2020-10-11
Chapter 186 The Answer Isn’t That Simple!2020-10-10
Chapter 185 I Can’t Do It!2020-10-09
Chapter 184 Can You Be Afraid Of The Mighty Figure?2020-10-09
Chapter 183 Be Brave And Say No To Fraud!2020-10-09
Chapter 182 Li Changshou Stages An Act2020-10-09
Chapter 181 A Small Step in the Primordial World’s Correction2020-10-08
Chapter 180 Great Luck of the Dao Sect, Continues For Another Hundred Million Seconds!2020-10-08
Chapter 179 I’m Most Afraid of Strangers Suddenly Showing Me Concern2020-10-08
Chapter 178 The Tricks of Changshou2020-10-07
Chapter 177 Vicious Meets Vicious2020-10-07
Chapter 176 It’s a Mistake2020-10-07
Chapter 175 Mystical Abilities: Cast Beans And Turn Them Into Soldiers!2020-10-07
Chapter 174 A Mistake in the Deep Sea2020-10-07
Chapter 173 The Little Daoist Master With the Certificate2020-10-06
Chapter 172 Sigh, Golden Immortals Are Indeed Hard to Kill2020-10-06
Chapter 171 Ordinary Battle Mode2020-10-06
Chapter 170 Great Daoist Master, Why Don’t You Swear…2020-10-06
Chapter 169 The Primordial World Is Too Complicated, The Dao Path Is Slippery And Obstructed2020-10-04
Chapter 168 Fraud-Qiong Xiao’s Advanced Version2020-10-04
Chapter 167 You Think I’ve Lost, But…2020-10-04
Chapter 166 Watch My Eyes And Act According To The Hints2020-10-04
Chapter 165 The Faraday Cage’s Road To Fame In The Primordial World2020-10-04
Chapter 164 Changshou’s Reverse Teaching Method2020-10-04
Chapter 163 Advanced Test Of Ren School2020-10-04
Chapter 162 The Bear Is In the Open, Li Changshou Is In The Dark2020-10-04
Chapter 161 The Map of Mountains and Rivers2020-10-04
Chapter 160 The Three Sects Gathered, The Jade Token Shakes2020-10-04
Chapter 159 Little Xiong’s Apprenticeship2020-10-04
Chapter 158 Why is the Sea God Here?2020-10-04
Chapter 157 Small Merit Waistcoat2020-10-02
Chapter 156 Changgeng’s First Memorial2020-10-02
Chapter 155 Ling’e Asks For A Favor Before Leaving Ding2020-10-02
Chapter 154 People Who Are Good At Using Dharma Treasures…2020-10-12
Chapter 153 The Birth of a Paper Effigy Of The Heaven Immortal Realm2020-10-12
Chapter 154 People Who Are Good At Using Dharma Treasures…2020-10-14
Chapter 152 Pretending to Be Injured — From The Beginner Stage To Giving Up2020-09-29
Chapter 153 The Birth of a Paper Effigy Of The Heaven Immortal Realm2020-10-14
Chapter 151 Little Qiong Peak’s Classroom2020-09-29
Chapter 150 Senior Brother Takes On The Profession Again And Spreads About Steadiness2020-09-27
Chapter 149 The First Standard Scam Of The Primordial World2020-09-27
Chapter 148 The Righteous Master Zhao2020-09-26
Chapter 147 I Have a Date with the God of Fortune2020-09-26
Chapter 146 This Grand Disciple…2020-09-26
Chapter 145 The Furry Version of ‘Sea God Battle Tactic’ of The Four Books Of Stabilizing The Sect2020-09-26
Chapter 144 Only Little Aunt-Master Can Defeat Little Aunt-Master!2020-09-25
Chapter 143 Little Qiong, My “Brother” Lin2020-09-25
Chapter 142 Fell From The Sky…2020-09-24
Chapter 141 Daoist Changgeng2020-09-24
Chapter 140 Shocking the Crowd With One Move2020-09-23
Chapter 139 The Lessons of the Great Daoist Master2020-09-23
Chapter 138 The Second Supporter of Ren School!2020-09-22
Chapter 137 The Little Battle in the South Continent, Changshou Pays Respect To The Statue2020-09-22
Chapter 136 Clang!2020-09-20
Chapter 135 Blind Frogs Meet Dead Mosquitoes2020-09-20
Chapter 134 I… Have a Fellow Daoist2020-09-20
Chapter 133 Little Qiong Peak’s Wandering Plan2020-09-20
Chapter 132 Genuine Fake Pill2020-09-20
Chapter 131 You Are Very Handsome In The First Place2020-09-20
Chapter 130 Master, I’ve Tried My Best2020-09-18
Chapter 129 Immortal Sense Poisonous Pill: Burning Heart2020-09-18
Chapter 128 Senior Brother’s “Anger”2020-09-17
Chapter 127 Li Changshou’s Gift of Farewell2020-09-17
Chapter 127 Li Changshou’s Gift of Farewell2020-09-17
Chapter 126 I Learned It, I Learned It2020-09-17
Chapter 126 I Learned It, I Learned It2020-09-17
Chapter 125 The Must-visit Scenic Spot Of The Immortal Du Sect2020-09-17
Chapter 124 Cultivation “Talent” Lan Lingle2020-09-14
Chapter 123 The One Who Knows My Heart Is The Sea God of the South Ocean2020-09-14
Chapter 122 The Man In White In The Sea God Temple2020-09-13
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