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My Vampire System (Web Novel) - Chapter 557 Learning a soul weapon

Chapter 557 Learning a soul weapon

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The group followed Sam until he had eventually led them back to the Crow's base. While walking, they noticed that many of the people recognized Sam. Saying hello to him as he walked past and such. It seemed like the travellers in the faction were greatly appreciative for everything they have done around here.

The atmosphere was quite lovely, Fex thought. In a way, when people were in trouble or at times of need, it brought them closer together. This faction and shelter seemed more like a family than his actual vampire family.

Finally, they had arrived. The base itself was just a plain large square building on the outside, on the inside, and it was split into several different rooms. There was a meeting room full of seats and a projector, it was more like an assembly hall where all the members of the Crow's could gather.

There was also a quest room. Here one could get food and drink while it was a place where members would meet up and form teams to go on quests. At the back of the room was where the Traveler system was placed behind another door.

This was where members could update their tags to be assigned points.

Finally, there were the training rooms, three in total. One of these was where they had done their assessment.

This time, it looked as if Sam had taken them to a different training room. It was through a set of doors that weren't too far from the ones they had come in. When entering they could see several people inside, fighting and training away, some just having casual discussions.

This room was completely empty and void of any furnishings. All that was inside was lights above. It was just a large open square space.

Standing inside the room was Nate and Quinn and next to them, Linda and Blip.

"You're here!' Blip said. "I won't be staying here for long, I just came to give you these." Out from his hand, he had given each one of them a gold tag. On it, there was a digital Letter showing what Grade they were.

"You're not required to have it on show." Blip said. "Only the higher ranks do that to show off. I will need you to come by later, to the main room. Then we can register your fingerprint with the tag. That way if you lose it we can give you a new one."

"But please don't lose it… Please". Blip said. It sounded like a few people had lost their tags many times, becoming a bit of a pain.

"Hey, are those the new recruits?"

"Let's see if there are any skilful ones."

"The girl looks cute, don't you think."

Quinn could hear the conversation of the other members in the room as they entered. It turns out that within the faction themselves, there were many groups or hunting parties. Whenever there were new people, they would try to recruit those they thought were skilful. So quite a few people were keeping their eye on them.

After handing the tags, both Blip and Linda were off. As she walked past, she could see that Paul had ability books in his hand. She smiled, seeing this.

'I already know who you are, you're still going to play the act and try to fool everyone. So useless Paul.' She thought.

"I think I might have imagined it, but did Linda just smile at you?" Sam said, "She doesn't smile at anyone.'"

"No, I saw it too," Fex replied.

The group was informed about what they were planning to do and why they had called them there today. Nate was going to explain about soul weapons and teach them how to use their own.

Paul, already knowing the starter details, asked if he could skip the introduction part. He knew most of the details already, Quinn said it would be okay, and instead Paul would focus on learning one of the abilities books he had bought.

Spread out on the floor were level three ability books. In the past, Paul's ability was an earth one that was considered above level 8. However, when learning a new ability, it would be impossible for most to just understand higher-level books' concepts.

Learning a new ability, level three was the level he could learn it quickly at. Then later, he could purchase the higher level books for his ability.

The first book that he looked at was a telekinesis ability. The reason for this one was because he felt like it was similar to his control over earth. Technically, if he learns telekinesis well enough, he would be able to lift parts of the earth and hurl them towards his opponent.

However, if he was just going to use it like so, he felt like it was just a weaker version of his current ability.

Next was poison. Poison was an ability that was relatively weak for combat purposes when at a low level. The reason being it was limited to one's touch, or weapons they would use. It wasn't like the elemental abilities where one could control mass amounts and move it about with their hands.

But at the higher levels, it was like that. Although it would take some time, it was a good and discreet ability to have.

Finally, the last ability was Substance mimicry. Based on what one would touch, they could change parts of their body into that substance. At low levels, there would be some things the body couldn't change into. There just weren't enough Mc cells in the body, on top of this, one could only change part of their body.

But at higher levels, this ability came in handy. However, it was only limited to changing your body. Even if one was to touch water, and could control and make their whole body into water. They were unable to produce more, or control the water around them. Making them weaker than a water user.

It was a more versatile ability because one could change, but weaker if they were to go toe to toe with someone similar.

In the end, Paul had finally made his choice. He would learn the poison ability. As an ability user, he would be weak for now, but he could rely on his strong vampire body. He also imagined himself covering the claw gloves that Quinn had given him in a poison to affect his enemies more.

Opening the book, Paul started reading through as it would take him a while to learn.

Not too far from where Paul was standing, Nate had begun to talk to the other three about soul weapons.

"You guys should already know that the soul weapon is formed inside you from a young age. Altered based on your emotions and the experiences you go through in life. Then when you get your first ability. It takes shape and forms itself.

"Remember, there are two types of soul weapons. First, the enhancement type. This can give your ability as a special trait. Something unique that the others can't use."

An example of this was Paul's ability, his soul weapon was able to alter the earth's material creating something far harder and stronger to use. There was also the lightning user at the inter-base tournament. He had strengthened himself, enhancing his whole body as a whole. It was as if he had become the lightning itself.

"Then, there is the item type of soul weapon. This can be in the form of anything. I have seen someone's item come out in the shape of a coin. These are a little more difficult to grasp. Their uses aren't as apparent at first. However, your ability has been infused into it.

"We don't know why some people achieve the enhancement type, while others get the item type. Did I remember everything?" Nate asked, looking at Sam.

"Erghh, you haven't told them how to actually use or form their soul weapon," Sam replied.

"Oh, that's right, okay let's start," Nate said. "The soul weapon is like a second will inside of you, a second mind. It grows next to your heart. What you need to do is picture it, and see what it is, call out to it and order it, but not from your head, from your chest.

"The way to visualize this is to try to communicate with your second will. You have to turn off your mind, and try to control it from the chest. Once you have this concept down, then you move onto the next step. Controlling the MC cells in your body."

"When you control your MC cells, you do so with the feeling in your body which is linked to your mind. Once you have opened the communication in your chest area or the soul as we refer to it, you need to control your MC cells using your soul rather than your mind."

"Unfortunately, an explanation is all I can do for you know. The military has some items that can be used to help us visualize the communication easier, but we don't have that here. According to the military, the mind and soul are fully developed once one passes the age of sixteen. Which is why they can't teach you such a thing until then.

"There is a chance you will force out an uncompleted soul weapon, and it will stay as that form forever."

It was finally time for Quinn to attempt to see if he had a soul weapon or not. He was a bit worried, after all the explaining, especially the last part. Quinn had turned into a vampire at sixteen, and he had gotten the shadow ability later. Would this have possibly affected his development of a soul weapon?

He looked to the left and to the right, he could see both Fex and Kazz with their eyes closed. This was actually good news for Fex, Quinn thought. He could possibly pass off his red string as an enhancement type of soul weapon, and he could use it in fights.

As for Kazz, he really didn't know what she could do.

But he didn't need to worry about anyone else, it was time for him to take a look. Closing his eyes, he did as Nate said. The feeling he needed to produce was different from when he activated his MC cells, different from when he was practising his Qi.

He needed to turn off his mind and see something from his chest.

'Turn of the mind, no thoughts….'

Eventually, he didn't know how much time had passed, he was no longer thinking with his head, and a light came into vision, a feeling from his chest.

Something was there.


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