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My Vampire System (Web Novel) - Chapter 558 No Soul

Chapter 558 No Soul

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Inside of Quinn's body, he could feel something forming. It felt warm and started to develop all on its own. It was a different feeling to when he meditated for Qi training. Then he would have to focus his mind extensively on controlling the Qi around his body.

It wasn't the same as controlling the blood either, this was as if his body was reacting on its own without having to think.

'Come on, do I have one?' Quinn thought.

But as soon as he started to think this, and had rushed the process, the feeling in his chest disappeared. It was gone.

'No, no, no! Come back!' Quinn thought.

But the more he started to think and worry about it, the harder it would be. The feeling never came back again after the first time. Eventually, Quinn decided to give up, he just couldn't get the same sense he did the first time.

"Alright, Quinn, you finally opened your eyes," Sam said.

Looking around the room, Quinn could see that Fex, and Kazz were no longer sitting down, and instead were just chatting away, he couldn't even hear them.

"Was I that out of it, how long has it been?" Quinn asked.

"About three hours," Nate replied. "If you didn't realise the time going by, then it means you're doing something right. Unlike these two, they gave up after about ten minutes. I was worried for a second I wasn't a good teacher. But looks like I've outdone myself again." Nate started to brag. "We don't need any of that fancy machinery to see."

"But, only one out three of them succeeded in…well something I guess," Sam said.

"Don't worry too much, all you need to do is remember that feeling," Nate explained. "Just don't chase it. If you chase it and start thinking about it too much, then it will go away. Also, the soul weapon takes time to develop. The more you start to look into it, the more it will take shape, and the easier it will be to use it. Until you no longer have to think about it anymore. Well, you shouldn't be thinking about it in the first place, but you understand what I mean."

It was now night time, and quite late, even the people who were training in the room before were no longer there. Apparently, while Quinn was in his zone, the others had also gone to register their tags with the Traveller system. Something Quinn had done before the others arrived anyway.

According to Nate, there wasn't much he could do other than explain the concept. There was the machinery that would allow one to separate their mind, making it easier, but no factions possessed such a thing. Since before the civil war, it was something everyone had used during their two years service.

In the end, it was up to him to figure out on his own with the information provided. Due to how late it was, both of them decided to call it a night headed off home, and Quinn and the four others did as well.

The housing area in the shelter was split based on one's ranking. The higher ranking would live in similar areas. As they contributed more to the shelter in responsibilities and beast crystals, while the lower Ranking D, E and F were placed in a square looking three story apartment block like building.

However, it was all free provided by the shelter to their travellers, so no one could complain. The only request was they go out for a hunt once a week, it didn't matter how basic that was, even if it was only the basic tier level.

On the way back, the four of them walked together, Paul still had his head in the ability book. Quinn remembered that when Peter had been given the level four transformation skill, that he was able to implant the ability into him, just like when he had picked up the level 6 shadow book.

However, there was a downside to this, Quinn just knew how to use the shadow, he hadn't learnt it, and it was the same for Peter. They hadn't learnt the correct techniques to cultivate their ability. This meant if Quinn wanted to try and teach someone the shadow ability or pass it on, he could not.

'Maybe it's better if he learns it the correct way.' Quinn thought.

Quinn was still over the moon that he had felt something in his chest. He was happy at the possibility that he had a soul weapon. His hopes weren't completely lost, it led him to ask the others.

"So did you two feel anything?" Quinn asked.

"Not a single thing," Fex said, and Kazz shook her head at the same time. "Well, it's obvious by the name, Soul weapon. Vampires are said to have no soul for centuries. We're too evil for something like that. Maybe your situation is a bit unique, you said Leo had one right, so Paul should be able to have one as well."

"Were there not humans that you had turned before?" Quinn asked.

"Turning used to be a thing people did a long time ago, but it hardly happens now," Fex replied. "Back then, I don't think humans really knew what a soul weapon was either."

This started to make Quinn think. If what Nate said was true, one would fully develop their soul weapon and mind for it at the age of sixteen. Then any human who was turned after this age should be able to produce one, and this included Arthur.

The thought scared Quinn a bit. Arthur was already ridiculously strong, did he already have a soul weapon? The big sword in his hand was his blood weapon, maybe soul weapons weren't around during Arthur's time either. Still, he couldn't imagine how unstoppable Arthur would be.

"Paul, when you learn your ability, try to see if you can make a soul weapon. It will be good to know." Quinn said. He didn't know why, but whenever he talked to Paul, it felt a little awkward like something was off.

"Of course," Paul replied. "The poison ability is a bit complicated, so it might take me a while to learn, but I think it will be worth it."

"I can help?"

"Don't worry," Paul replied instantly, not even thinking about it. He said nothing further.

"Will it make them suspicious if we don't have a soul weapon?" Fex asked.

"I was thinking about that," Quinn replied. "I'm sure you can use your blood strings since it still looks to be part of your string ability. You can claim it's an enhancement type of soul weapon."

Fex was pleased with this idea. Now if he was to fight a beast and go out on the field, he wasn't as limited as before. As long as he got more beast gear, he also wouldn't have to pretend to be limited with his physical abilities. The only thing he had to hide was his blood abilities.

"What about Kazz?" Fex asked, they both looked at her, wondering if she had any suggestion, but it looked like she wasn't even paying attention to the whole conversation.

They claimed Kazz had a regeneration ability so the best choice would probably be an item Soul weapon. Nate said these were sometimes difficult to figure out, and they could play it off as she didn't know how to use it. That was if the question ever came up.

As they were nearing their housing areas, Quinn noticed that Fex looked a little flashier than usual. He was so concerned with the soul weapon it had completely gone past him.

"Hey your armour is nice, did you buy that today?" Quinn asked.

"Yeah at the marketplace, what do you think of it?"

Quinn was no master forger. However, his inspect skill told him everything he needed to know about the piece.


[Advanced tier]

[Gilchomp Beast chest piece.]

[Defence 30]

[All stats +3]

[10 percent resistance to all elemental attacks]

[Durability: 80/100]

Looking at it initially, Quinn thought it was a lot better than his own chest piece. Of course, his was at the intermediate level, but the one he was looking at gave double the amount of defence his did and also gave plus 3 to all stats compared to his plus one.

On top of that, it had resistance to elemental attacks. Something that would go well in times like this when they were up against the big four and the military.

It seemed like the higher the beast gear was, also the effects would rapidly increase. It was no wonder that if a regular human had a demon level beast gear, they were considered an entirely different person.

Still, credit needed to be given where it was due and that was to the forger. When looking at who made it, the system stated the name as "Alex Way."

Suddenly seeing this name made Quinn come crashing down with memories. Alex Way was the forger who had made his gauntlets and who he had allowed to reconstruct some of his vampire gear.

Before Quinn left, they had made a deal, one that would earn him possibly a great fortune in the future. If Quinn was going to go through his plan to create his faction, he would need to find this person. However, just because Alex's equipment was on the planet didn't mean he would be here.

The planet would do trades with other shelters and factions that belonged to the Graylash family, but he had found a link that would possibly help them find him.

"Let's meet at the main hall tomorrow," Quinn said. "Bring all your beast gear and whatever you need. We're going to go on our first quest."

"But Quinn, don't we need a fifth person?" Fex asked.

That was right, due to the way quests were set out, only D, E and F ranks were able to team up together. From then, you were only allowed to team up with one rank above and one rank below. There were times when there were special quests that were an exception to this rule, but a normal hunting quest wouldn't be one of them.

This meant Quinn wasn't able to invite Sam or Nate along. Bringing an unknown with them would only cause trouble. Especially when there was Kazz, the loose cannon.

Who would be their fifth member?


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