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Peerless Genius System (Web Novel)


Xiao Luo and his girlfriend had been in love with each other for four years when she proposed a break up. Because of this, Xiao Luo sped his car in the night and ended up in a car accident. But it was a blessing in disguise as he unexpectedly fused with a high tech system that originated from a universe hundreds of billions of light years away. From this moment on, the entire world started to run amok…..

214 • 2020-05-26 11:18:51


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 216: The One You Let Off2020-07-08
Chapter 215: A Shot Without Hesitation2020-07-08
Chapter 214: Ruthless Until the End2020-07-07
Chapter 213: Go and Stir Trouble2020-07-07
Chapter 212: Ineffective Intimidation2020-07-06
Chapter 211: Accidental Discharge2020-07-06
Chapter 210: Conflict2020-07-05
Chapter 209: Sis Huang2020-07-05
Chapter 208: Hawk Claw’s Boxing2020-07-04
Chapter 207: Born With Extraordinary Strength2020-07-04
Chapter 206: Time For A Change2020-07-03
Chapter 205: Feng Yuqi’s Plan2020-07-03
Chapter 204: The Shrew2020-07-02
Chapter 203: Astonishing Work2020-07-02
Chapter 202: Woman Calling for Help2020-07-01
Chapter 201: He is a Demon2020-07-01
Chapter 200: A Hundred Points2020-06-30
Chapter 199: Qualification2020-06-30
Chapter 198: Are You Nuts2020-06-29
Chapter 197: It’s All Mine2020-06-29
Chapter 196: I’m Hungry2020-06-28
Chapter 195: I Am Your Father2020-06-28
Chapter 194: You Really Want To Die2020-06-27
Chapter 193: Enemies on a narrow road2020-06-27
Chapter 192: Too gullible!2020-06-26
Chapter 191: Angered2020-06-26
Chapter 190: Strong Capabilities2020-06-25
Chapter 189: Combat2020-06-25
Chapter 188: Gu Qian Xue2020-06-24
Chapter 187: He’s My Brother, Xiao Nai2020-06-24
Chapter 186: A Tooth for a Tooth2020-06-24
Chapter 185: Are You His Father?2020-06-24
Chapter 184: I Am Lei Feng2020-06-22
Chapter 183: Fearsome power2020-06-22
Chapter 182: Good Liquor2020-06-21
Chapter 181: The Banquet2020-06-21
Chapter 180: Mie2020-06-20
Chapter 179: The Battle of Internet2020-06-20
Chapter 178: A New Beginning2020-06-19
Chapter 177: Geng Qiuxing’s fate2020-06-19
Chapter 176: Do you need my help2020-06-18
Chapter 175: Chaotic Fight2020-06-18
Chapter 174: Seeking Trouble2020-06-17
Chapter 173: Using Balls as a Threat2020-06-17
Chapter 172: Forgetting Pain2020-06-16
Chapter 171: A Will to Die2020-06-16
Chapter 170: Losing Sanity2020-06-15
Chapter 169: Grade A Dangerous Personnel2020-06-15
Chapter 168: Cold-blooded2020-06-14
Chapter 167: The Dragon Gang Again2020-06-14
Chapter 166: Competition2020-06-13
Chapter 165: Struggle and despair2020-06-13
Chapter 164: Anger2020-06-12
Chapter 163: Appearance of trouble2020-06-12
Chapter 162: Rejection2020-06-11
Chapter 161: A bossy announcement2020-06-11
Chapter 160: Auditory feast2020-06-10
Chapter 159: Witness2020-06-10
Chapter 158: Anxious for you2020-06-09
Chapter 157: This Is a Rival2020-06-09
Chapter 156: Fu Guisheng2020-06-08
Chapter 155: Smugness2020-06-08
Chapter 154: Be Happy For Him2020-06-07
Chapter 153: The Wonderful Times in the Past2020-06-07
Chapter 152: Inspection2020-06-06
Chapter 151: A World of Martial Arts Practitioners and the Jianghu2020-06-06
Chapter 150: Dangerous Character2020-06-05
Chapter 149: Witness2020-06-05
Chapter 148: An Incredible Feat2020-06-04
Chapter 147: Could Not Hold Back a Fart2020-06-04
Chapter 146: Battle of Words2020-06-03
Chapter 145: Doubt2020-06-03
Chapter 144: Court Session Around the Corner2020-06-02
Chapter 143: Black and White2020-06-02
Chapter 142: You Can Interview Now2020-06-01
Chapter 141: I Am a Temp2020-06-01
Chapter 140: Locking Up the Dogs for a Beating2020-05-31
Chapter 139: Money Monger2020-05-31
Chapter 138: Blown Up2020-05-30
Chapter 137: A Good News and a Bad News2020-05-30
Chapter 136: The Respectful Jiang Yongchun2020-05-29
Chapter 135: From The Bottom2020-05-29
Chapter 134: I’ll Be Waiting At Luo’s Workshop2020-05-28
Chapter 133: Everything has changed2020-05-28
Chapter 132: Zhao Mengqi hospitalized2020-05-27
Chapter 131: By hook or by crook2020-05-27
Chapter 130: Sign the contract and I will tell you2020-05-26
Chapter 129: Competition2020-05-26
Chapter 128: I Am Threatening You2020-05-26
Chapter 127: Conflict2020-05-26
Chapter 126: Is That Zhang Hongda?2020-05-26
Chapter 125: Persist? How?2020-05-26
Chapter 124: Roasted Sweet Potatoes2020-05-26
Chapter 123: Block 96, Gong Village2020-05-26
Chapter 122: Decision to Eradicate All Evil2020-05-26
Chapter 121: One Man, One Hack2020-05-26
Chapter 120: Mighty Like God2020-05-26
Chapter 119: Why Did He Come?2020-05-26
Chapter 118: The End of a Piercing Force2020-05-26
Chapter 117: Big Trouble2020-05-26 Copyright 2016 - 2020