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Picking Up Attributes From Today (Web Novel)



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In Heaven’s Vault Continent, Colossal Dragons, Titans, Beast People, Fairies, Magical Beasts, and other races reign supreme!

Humans are treated like s*aves and lowlifes, while Dragon People act all high and mighty and consider themselves nobility!

However, a new addition will rock the boat and overturn the status quo!

His name is Meng Lei, and he is a human from Earth that transmigrated to become a… villager!

Or so he thought, as he had yet to unlock The Most Powerful Pickup System!

“Ding! Dropped item discovered. Will you pick it up?”

Be it money, items, spells, vitality, spiritual power… The Most Powerful Pickup System will pick them all!

“Should I train to become a Magician or a Warrior? Why not try both!?

Follow Meng Lei’s epic as he turns from a regular villager to a formidable and respectable existence!

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 171: Barbarossa Says, “These Magic Cores Are Mine”2021-01-14
Chapter 170: Betraying Boss? A Chaotic Battle At The Cliff2021-01-14
Chapter 169: Harsh Competition, I Don’t Hit Women2021-01-13
Chapter 168: Blazing Jealousy, As Vicious As A Viper2021-01-13
Chapter 167: Golden Giant, The Behemoth Submits2021-01-12
Chapter 166: The Threat of A Half-Deity, The Multi-Armed Behemoth2021-01-11
Chapter 165: Fruit of The Divine Tree, Deification By Religious Faith2021-01-11
Chapter 164: Getting Others To Do The Dirty Work, I’m About To Get Mad2021-01-10
Chapter 163: Crushing A Hammer, Taking In A Spy2021-01-10
Chapter 162: Hermaphrodite, This Is My Mount2021-01-09
Chapter 161: A Proliferation of Geniuses, A Deep Sinkhole2021-01-09
Chapter 160: The Golden Dragon-Lion, The Raging Giant2021-01-08
Chapter 159: All-Round Surveillance, Seeded Monsters2021-01-08
Chapter 158: Spirit Dragon Ring, King Kroc2021-01-07
Chapter 156: Picking Up Items Until Even His Hand Had Gone Limp, Generous Rewards2021-01-06
Chapter 155: Turning Back Time, Coming Back To Life2021-01-06
Chapter 154: Magic Talent For Ten Elements, Coming Back To Life2021-01-06
Chapter 153: Magic Talent For Eight Elements, Golden Wheel Reincarnation Blast2021-01-05
Chapter 152: Diamond Mammoth, Becoming a Saint Domain Great Magician2021-01-04
Chapter 151: This Is Just Basic Operations, So Don’t Be That Amazed, Dimensional Blade2021-01-03
Chapter 150: Golden Steel Wind-Ape, Wind-Elemental Fragment2021-01-03
Chapter 149: Ranked 469th, Second In History2021-01-02
Chapter 148: Undying Mud Leeches and Successfully Getting on Ranking2021-01-02
Chapter 147: Level 21, Red Rock Fire Demon2021-01-01
Chapter 146: Killing Ninth-Grade Magical Beasts Like Slaughtering Livestock2021-01-01
Chapter 145: Entering Dragon God Tower, A World of Sand2020-12-31
Chapter 144: Second In History, Augustine2020-12-31
Chapter 143: Assembly of The Strongest, Hailing From The Countryside2020-12-30
Chapter 142: No. 1 In History, Timon Barton2020-12-30
Chapter 141: Extermination At A Finger Snap, Arrival At The Imperial City2020-12-29
Chapter 140: The Secret of Deification, The Saint Domain’s Limits2020-12-29
Chapter 139: A Great Bird Riding The Wind, Soaring Freely In the Sky2020-12-28
Chapter 138: Lucky Breakthrough, Handsome Rewards2020-12-28
Chapter 137: Laws of Nature Origin Crystals, Gods-Slaying Bloodline2020-12-28
Chapter 136: Attaining Saint Domain, System Upgrade2020-12-28
Chapter 135: Equally-Matched Opponents, A First-Class Spell Falls2020-12-28
Chapter 134: A Berserk Meng Lei, The Infuriated King2020-12-28
Chapter 133: Elizabeth, Striking The Princess With Lightning2020-12-28
Chapter 132: Meng Lei The Monster, Violently Smashing A Hammer2020-12-28
Chapter 131: Choosing A Queen, Abandoning One’s Merits And Making Much of Their Shortcomings2020-12-28
Chapter 130: Ice Momentum, Turning Into A Fire Lotus In A Second2020-12-24
Chapter 129: 100 Saint Domains, Laws of Nature Fragments2020-12-23
Chapter 128: The Last Day, The King Watches The Battle2020-12-23
Chapter 127: Brilliant Dragon Might, Bombing The Arena Again2020-12-22
Chapter 126: Gravitational Space, Free-For-All Arena Battle2020-12-22
Chapter 125: Intense Competition, Posturing Fatty2020-12-21
Chapter 124: Abbe’s Disappearance, An Inter-Academy Competition2020-12-21
Chapter 123: Sell, Sell, Sell! Entering Saint Domain2020-12-20
Chapter 122: Titan Bloodline, Meeting The Gods of Fortune2020-12-19
Chapter 121: A Deity Ancestor, A Successful Bluff2020-12-19
Chapter 120: Meeting The Academy President, I Have An Ancestor2020-12-18
Chapter 119: Abyss Demons, Private Territory2020-12-18
Chapter 118: Returning To The Academy, Ten Superior-Grade Elemental Affinities2020-12-17
Chapter 117: Bloodthirsty Golden Nest, The Ant Tide Concludes2020-12-17
Chapter 116: Taking Inventory of His Rewards, The Underground World2020-12-16
Chapter 115: I’ve Grown Too Full of Myself, But I Didn’t Slip Up That Badly2020-12-16
Chapter 114: Wealth Reset, Killing A Saint Domain Magical Beast2020-12-16
Chapter 113: Strengths And Weaknesses, The Ruler Descends2020-12-16
Chapter 112: The Continent Sinks, The Deities Descend2020-12-14
Chapter 111: Golden Bloodline, An Explosive Increase In Physical Strength2020-12-14
Chapter 110: The 10 Billion Milestone, Gaining Another Bloodline2020-12-14
Chapter 109: Ant Tide Defeated, Flying Dragons Retreated Out of Fear2020-12-13
Chapter 108: 100 Types of First-Class Spells, The Nine Spells2020-12-13
Chapter 107: Fire God Descends, An Original Spell2020-12-13
Chapter 106: Arrogant And Conceited? Falling Meteors2020-12-11
Chapter 105: Death Tempest, Give The Order To Withdraw2020-12-11
Chapter 104: Resisting The Enemies At North River, Unprecedented Events2020-12-11
Chapter 103: Tanna The Class Belle, We’re Done For2020-12-11
Chapter 102: Billionaire, Ninth-Grade Warrior2020-12-11
Chapter 101: A Tragic Ant Monarch, The Reason for the Ant Tide2020-12-09
Chapter 100: Soul Magic, Your Name Shall Be Little Gold!2020-12-09
Chapter 99: Mad Luck, a Juvenile Ant Monarch2020-12-09
Chapter 98: Dragon-Language Magic, An Abnormal Ant Tide2020-12-09
Chapter 97: Severing A Wing, Earning Another 30 Million Gold Coins2020-12-09
Chapter 96: The Triple-Everything Troops, Beating Up The Dragon King2020-12-09
Chapter 95: The Flying Dragon Troops, Fighting For Magic Cores2020-12-09
Chapter 94: Making An Escape, Double-Legged Flying Dragons2020-12-09
Chapter 93: Ninth-Grade Spell, Heavenly Fire Meteor2020-12-09
Chapter 92: A One-Man Suppression? How Can This Be2020-12-04
Chapter 91: Dragon-Language Magic, A Sea of Fire Burns the Sky2020-12-04
Chapter 90: The World Changed, The Beast Tide Ended2020-12-04
Chapter 89: Forcibly Recruiting Meng Lei, “I’m only 15 years old.”2020-12-04
Chapter 88: Closure of City Gates, A Grand Path2020-12-04
Chapter 87: The Great Dragon Blood Wall, Making Arrangements For The Villagers2020-12-04
Chapter 86: The Fearsome Ant Tide, Returning To The Village2020-12-04
Chapter 85: The King of Magical Beasts, An Exceptionally Huge Ant Tide2020-12-04
Chapter 84: Terrifying Roars, A Magical Beast Riot2020-12-04
Chapter 83: Wood-Elemental Magic Talent, Pummeling A Gigantic Python2020-12-04
Chapter 82: The Soul Realm, A White Elephant Divine Weapon2020-12-04
Chapter 81: The Missing Meteor, The Golden Leaf2020-12-04
Chapter 80: The Meteor Plains, The Ice Age2020-12-04
Chapter 79: Absolute Overpowering, Meeting Abbe Again2020-12-04
Chapter 78: Golden Colossal Dragons And Thunder Titans2020-12-04
Chapter 77: Divine Beast Teddy, Half A Month Goes By Quietly2020-12-04
Chapter 76: Flame Inferno, Annihilation2020-12-04
Chapter 75: Besieged By Magical Beasts, A Great Army Invades2020-12-04
Chapter 74: The Dragon-Ape Infant, An Equal Contract2020-12-04
Chapter 73: The Ultimate Threat, A Fake Saint Domain2020-12-04
Chapter 72: Dragon-Ape Dies, Extreme Stupidity2020-12-04
Chapter 71: Rapport In Coordination, Dragon-Ape Infant2020-12-04
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