Four years later, she returns with her son.

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President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering (Web Novel) - Chapter 835: Sweet Night (2)

Chapter 835: Sweet Night (2)

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Xiao Yi’s eyes had turned red from Xia Yanran’s actions.

“Are you looking for a beating?” His voice was dark, as he panted a little.

In contrast to before, Xia Yanran was feeling extremely bold. Remembering what he said on the car to anger her, she was angry at him too. “Can you finish before my older brother comes out from the washroom?”

This damned woman!

She was actually indirectly laughing at his speed!

“You just wait!” He turned around and brought his luggage in.

Seeing a box of condoms in his luggage, Xia Yanran’s lips twitched as she pounced towards him.

She naturally did not want to do anything with him, merely wanting to take the box in his hand.

“Your intention of coming to find me is not innocent!” Using the chance when he was distracted, she took away the condoms.

Xiao Yi chased after Xia Yanran.

While the two of them were playing catch, somehow, they ended up falling over and tangling with each other.

Xiao Yi fell on the floor, while Xia Yanran fell on him, her head facing his belt.

Having ended up in this position, Xia Yanran was extremely embarrassed, wanting to get up from him when a painful tug came from her scalp.

Ah! A few strands of her hair had gotten tangled with his belt.

She was not able to undo it quickly, sweat appearing on her forehead as Xiao Yi felt as if he was lit up on fire when her breath sprayed over him occasionally.

“You, are you trying to make me suffer to death today?”

The moment Xiao Yi finished speaking, Junyuan’s voice trailed over. “What are you doing?”

Xia Yanran’s scalp immediately turned numb. “Brother, don’t misunderstand. We, we…”

The more hurried she was, the harder it was for her to undo her hair. Xia Yanran hurriedly said, “Xiao Yi, why are you so hard?”

Junyuan widened his eyes, his expression darkening completely!

In this situation, he could not go in either.

“The both of you better get yourselves together and come out!”

Junyuan stormed away angrily.

Xia Yanran’s face flushed completely. “Brother, Brother, you’ve mistaken! I missed out two words, I meant to say his belt!”

On the other hand, Xiao Yi was not in a hurry.

He hugged his head with both hands, smirking at Xia Yanran. “Why is your older brother so easily angered? Is he still a virgin?”

The urge to cripple Xiao Yi grew in Xia Yanran.

After using a lot of energy, Xia Yanran finally managed to undo her hair from his belt.

At the thought of the angry Junyuan, Xia Yanran was too lazy to care about Xiao Yi anymore as she hurriedly ran out. In contrast, Xiao Yi continued to lie on the floor, her fragrant scent still lingering in the air.

He smirked, feeling a sweetness he had never felt before.

Xia Yanran ran to Junyuan’s room.

Seeing Junyuan’s dark expression, Xia Yanran explained. “Brother, it’s not what you think, my hair was stuck in his belt.”

Junyuan stared at Xia Yanran. Ever since Xiao Yi left Ning City, it had been a very long time since he saw her so energetic and soulful.

With Xiao Yi returning to her, her energy and soul had returned as well.

“Yanran, have you thought things through properly? Xiao Yi is not a normal person. Apart from money, he cannot give you even a normal life. Have you thought properly about giving the rest of your life to such a person? Yanran, life is not a television drama.”

How could Xia Yanran not understand what Junyuan was saying?

If Xiao Yi didn’t go to the cave to look for her and disregard his life by mixing their blood together, she might still have some reservations about them.

However, now she could see that for her, Xiao Yi was not even afraid of getting AIDs from her, so what was there for her to be scared of?

The both of them were indeed from different worlds. However, since he wasn’t able to come out, she would enter his world instead.

She was not afraid.

Even if they end up not having a happy ending, at least they would have loved each other properly.

“Brother, although love isn’t all to life, I cannot lose him. I know that I’m being selfish to our younger sister and you by choosing to go onto the same path with Xiao Yi, but Brother, I think I cannot find a man that loves me as much as Xiao Yi anymore!”

Xia Yanran stretched her finger that was bit by Xiao Yi in front of Junyuan. “He knew that I might have contracted AIDS, but he pressed my blood against his wound. What reasons do I still have to reject him?”

Junyuan pursed his lips tightly, feeling slightly shocked.

It was indeed hard for him to imagine a man that was used to hitting and killing like Xiao Yi to treat her younger sister so importantly.

“Say, what does Xiao Yi like you for? There are so many women that are prettier and have a better figure than you. You’re not that gentle either. If he marries you, you might not be able to cook as well as Nan Zhi, while you would rush to wherever is dangerous for work.

Xia Yanran thought that Junyuan would be touched, but he ended up saying such a long ridiculous thing about her.

Was he still her biological brother?

Xia Yanran caressed her face. “I’m not that ugly either! Talking about food, it’s fine since Xiao Yi can cook. Why do I have to cook?”

“For a boss that wields guns like him, can you depend on him to cook for you?”

“Brother, you’re thinking too much! It’s still not even a definite thing whether I’ll get married to Xiao Yi in the future! I haven’t had a proper relationship with him yet, so I don’t want to get married so quickly!”

Walking out from Junyuan’s room, Xia Yanran went to their youngest sister’s room. Amongst the three Xia siblings, the youngest sister was still studying, and would only come back once a month.

After showering, Xia Yanran lay on the bed.

Just as her eyelids were getting heavier as sleepiness muddled her, her phone screen suddenly lit up.

Xia Yanran opened her eyes to glance at her phone. Noting that it was a call from Xiao Yi, her heart skipped a beat.

They were in the same house, so why was he calling her?

Xia Yanran could guess his intentions with just her toes, so she hurriedly rejected the call.

Within a few seconds, she received a message.

[Are you going to sleep just like that?]

Xia Yanran felt a little speechless as she stared at the message.

What did he want to do instead of sleeping?

She was too lazy to reply.

A while later, she received another message.

[Do you want to go for a walk later?”

She was still hesitating when he sent her another message.

[I’m going back to Hong Kong tomorrow, and it may take a very long time before we can meet again.]

Xia Yanran’s fingers moved faster than her head as she replied. [Alright.]

The moment she hit the send button, Xiao Yi called her again.

This time, Xia Yanran had no choice but to answer it.

“I’ll go out first. You can come out after your older brother goes to sleep.”

Xia Yanran was speechless. Were they thieves?

Half an hour passed.

Xia Yanran finally snuck out of the apartment. She did not turn on the lights, really creeping out of the apartment like a thief.

Xiao Yi was waiting at the entrance of the building.

He stood under a street lamp as he smoked. He had probably showered, having changed into a deep colored v-line knitted sweater. It had a simple cut that was low-key but elegant as well, weakening the mischievous aura on him as it made him appear even more polite and elegant. A glance at him was enough to her heart flutter.

Xia Yanran ran towards him.

She jumped into his arms, while he picked her up with just one hand.

Xia Yanran took away the cigarette between his long fingers before she placed it between her lips and smoked.

Seeing this, Xiao Yi flicked her forehead. “You’re a girl, why are you smoking?”

“I’ll be the big boss’s woman in the future. How can I have the feeling of being a boss’ lady if I don’t smoke?”

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