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Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1071 Falsely Accused Of A Capital Offense

Chapter 1071 Falsely Accused Of A Capital Offense

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When Ji Yixuan was in the Formidable Heavens Dynasty, Ye Qingtang had rescued him from the hands of the Yunxiao Sect disciples. So, of course, Ji Yixuan had seen her real face.

However, some time had passed, and it was natural for Ji Yixuan not to recognize her immediately.

Presumably, Yan Shu had taken Ye Qingtang for an ordinary Falling Sky Valley disciple.

But at that moment, Yan Shu was frowning deeply.

This Ji Yixuan… was actually addressing a Yang Lord as his Junior Sister?!

Did he have a death wish…

“Haha… Ji Yixuan, you are so weak even though you are the Valley Master’s disciple… I can see that most of Perfected Xuanchen’s sect is useless.”

Before Yan Shu could open his mouth to remind him to maintain the act, a white-robed man suddenly stared at Ji Yixuan and laughed coldly.

“Xuanyuan Lie, you are spouting nonsense!” Ji Yixuan shouted in anger.

The person who had just spoken was Xuanyuan Lie, the grandson of the Full Moon Peak Master, Xuanyuan Yi.

When Ye Qingtang left the Falling Sky Valley, she planned to head to the Dragon Vein. Xuanyuan Lie had left the valley to block her way and kill her but was defeated by Ye Qingtang. After that, Xuanyuan Yi had arrived in time to pursue Ye Qingtang, intending to kill her.

Ye Qingtang still remembered these past hostilities. Naturally, her present return to the Falling Sky Valley was to call in her debts.


Xuanyuan Lie immediately shouted coldly. “Ji Yixuan, you stole the Full Moon Sutra from the Full Moon Peak. That is a capital offense!”

“Xuanyuan Lie, you framed me!” Ji Yixuan bellowed coldly.

“What a joke. Our Full Moon Peak’s Full Moon Sutra was found on your person. How dare you argue against such compelling evidence! Clearly, Perfected Xuanchen’s disciples are all like that.” Xuanyuan Lie laughed coldly.

Yan Shu could not help but frown at the scene before him. He immediately smiled at Ye Qingtang apologetically.

He advanced to face Ji Yixuan and asked, “Yixuan, what’s going on?”

“This Xuanyuan Lie took the Full Moon Peak’s Full Moon Sutra under the guise of wanting to spar with me. He doctored the Full Moon Sutra and then secretly hid it on my person, but he said that I stole the Full Moon Peak’s Full Moon Sutra!” Ji Yixuan said to Yan Shu.

When he heard Ji Yixuan’s words, Yan Shu looked at Xuanyuan Lie meaningfully.

Full Moon Peak’s was growing stronger, and it had asked Master Perfected Xuanchen to give up his position as Valley Master. In addition, Water Cut Peak and Blue Cloud Peak had declared that they would be on the side of Full Moon Peak.

During the past few days, Xuanyuan Lie had been going around provoking Full Moon Peak members and had become increasingly unrestrained. But they had not imagined that he would frame someone.

Stealing a sutra was a capital offense. Even though he was the Valley Master, Perfected Xuanchen could not protect Ji Yixuan unless the latter could produce evidence.

In addition, the Full Moon Sutra was indeed found on Ji Yixuan’s person. Everyone had seen it, and there was no way he could deny it.

“Yixuan, do you have any evidence that Xuanyuan Lie framed you?” Yan Shu looked at Ji Yixuan and frowned as he spoke.

If Ji Yixuan could produce evidence, he would be saved, and he could also denounce Xuanyuan Lie for defamation.

“This… Yan Shu, I have no evidence…”

Ji Yixuan shook his head. Although he knew what had happened, he could not prove that Xuanyuan Lie had framed him.

Xuanyuan Lie had certainly planned this for a long time. He would not be caught out on any of the details.

“Yan Shu, this beast… has been provoking our kin and now has framed me. Clearly, he has ambitions regarding Full Moon Peak and is about to act!” Ji Yixuan said hastily.

Was anyone unaware of his ambitions towards Full Moon Peak?!

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