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Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1072 The Death Penalty Is Inevitable

Chapter 1072 The Death Penalty Is Inevitable

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“Yixuan, don’t talk nonsense.” Yan Shu glanced at Ji Yixuan. Although everyone was aware of these matters, it was better not to say them out loud, especially in public.

“Ji Yixuan, I think you are just spouting nonsense because you know you have committed a capital offense and cannot avoid death…” Xuanyuan Lie laughed coldly. He then faced a few Justice Wardens who were standing nearby, cupped his fists, and said smilingly, “Lords, there is irrefutable evidence that Ji Yixuan stole my Full Moon Peak’s Full Moon Sutra and committed a capital offense.”

With that, a warden of the Hall of Justice nodded and said, “We already know that. We have come today to capture Ji Yixuan and bring him back to the Hall of Justice for questioning.”

When he heard that, Xuanyuan Lie’s lips curved upwards and arched in a cold, mysterious smile.

But Yan Shu frowned deeply. Ordinary people could not enter the Hall of Justice. Even if they were innocent, they would certainly lose a layer of skin after entering the Hall of Justice. Now, the Hall of Justice was under the Full Moon Peak’s jurisdiction. If Ji Yixuan was really brought into the Hall of Justice, the consequences would be dire. Ji Yixuan would probably cease to exist within the Falling Sky Valley.

“Wardens, this matter is too important.” With that, Yan Shu looked at the Justice Wardens and spoke.

When he heard that, a Justice Warden said coldly, “You are right. Stealing the most precious treasure of the Full Moon Peak, the Full Moon Sutra, is indeed important.”

“Wardens, the truth of this matter is unclear. Even if Ji Yixuan really stole the Full Moon Sutra, he is still the Valley Master’s disciple. The Valley Master is discussing important matters with the Lord of the Peerless School. If we really want to deal with this matter, we need to wait for the Valley Master to have time to attend to it personally,” Yan Shu said.

After he heard Yan Shu’s words, one of the Justice Wardens laughed coldly and disdainfully. “Even if a Prince commits a crime, he should be punished in the same way as a commoner… in any case, Ji Yixuan is only a disciple of the Valley Master. Even if the Valley Master were to come here personally, it would be of no use!”


Yan Shu sank into silence. It looked as if the Hall of Justice had indeed sought refuge with the Full Moon Peak. Otherwise, they would not deal with such an important matter so casually.

In addition, Xuanyuan Lie’s words were full of loopholes. Ji Yixuan was the Valley Master’s disciple and had even more profound sutras that he could study. Why would he seek out something inferior and even risk his life to steal the Full Moon Peak’s Full Moon Sutra? It did not make any sense.

At that moment, the wardens of the Hall of Justice did not care about these loopholes at all. They only wanted to swiftly convict Ji Yixuan. As to what they were thinking, only they themselves knew.

“Hmph, stop talking nonsense!” A warden of the Hall of Justice shouted coldly. “Ji Yixuan, you have committed a heinous crime in stealing the most precious treasure of the Full Moon Peak, the Full Moon Sutra. Based on the rules of the Falling Sky Valley, if anyone steals a peak’s item, they have committed a grave offense. To steal a peak’s secret sutra is a capital offense… Now you have been caught red-handed. Do you plead guilty!”

“Plead guilty?!” A bone-chilling laugh came from Ji Yixuan. “I, Ji Yixuan, have been honest and above-board my whole life. My conscience is clear. If you want my life, you can have it… if you try to falsely accuse me and shame my Master’s reputation, then you can dream on!”

“What a joke. The Full Moon Sutra that the Full Moon Peak lost was found on your person. Everyone saw it, and it cannot possibly be false evidence. Even if you deny it a hundred times over, it will still be useless. Ji Yixuan, you better give yourself up. If you resist, you will suffer the consequences!” The warden of the Hall of Justice shouted coldly.

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