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Reborn Lady: Unparalleled Daughter of Concubine (Web Novel)




Shi Xia, 拾夏 



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What would you do if you could restart your life?

Qin Yunuan, the daughter of a concubine in a noble family, chooses to avenge. She has lost her mother, her beauty and her menial-like life, but the wife of her father and her older half-sister still do not let her go.

The flame of fury drives the reborn girl to revenge. That is not an even road. What is facing her are the barrier of social class, imperial power and entangled love. A lily is turned into a Vileplume. Kinship, friendship and love drown her, but she turns the corner over and over again.

How will she take revenge? Can the love comfort the scars on her heart? What will she choose love or hatred?

6133 • 2020-11-22 12:51:12


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 280 A Vicious Beauty2021-01-13
Chapter 279 Take Precautions2021-01-13
Chapter 278 Three Women Play a Drama2021-01-13
Chapter 277 Entering West Liang Officially2021-01-13
Chapter 276 Past Days2021-01-13
Chapter 275 What a Coincidence2021-01-06
Chapter 274 Life After Surviving the Danger2021-01-06
Chapter 273 The Extraordinary Memory2021-01-06
Chapter 272 The Horrible Swarm2021-01-06
Chapter 271 The Collapsing Tomb2021-01-06
Chapter 270 Crystal Coffin2021-01-06
Chapter 269 The Battle is Yet to Come2021-01-05
Chapter 268 A Matter of Life and Death2021-01-05
Chapter 267 The Tomb of the Living Dead2021-01-03
Chapter 266 Narrow Escape2021-01-03
Chapter 265 The Duanlong Gate2021-01-02
Chapter 264 True Identity2021-01-02
Chapter 263 The Bronze Array2021-01-02
Chapter 262 Continuous Conflicts2020-12-28
Chapter 261 Warrior-Horse Array2020-12-28
Chapter 260 Kill Him for Heaven Worship2020-12-27
Chapter 259 Tribe Crisis2020-11-22
Chapter 258 Truth and Falsehood2020-11-22
Chapter 257 A Bizarre Woman2020-11-22
Chapter 256 Revisit2020-12-11
Chapter 255 Secret History of the Princess2020-12-11
Chapter 254 Soul-plundering2020-12-11
Chapter 253 The Luminous Lake2020-12-11
Chapter 252 Between Life and Death2020-12-11
Chapter 251 Internal Conflict in the Army2020-11-22
Chapter 250 Guard the Tribe2020-11-22
Chapter 249 A Monster in the Water2020-11-22
Chapter 248 Saving a Life from the Snake2020-11-22
Chapter 247 Perilous Snake Valley2020-11-22
Chapter 246 One Dead, One Injured2020-11-22
Chapter 245 Cannibal Ancient Well2020-11-22
Chapter 244 The Mysterious Village2020-11-22
Chapter 243 God’s Will2020-11-22
Chapter 242 Scapegoat2020-11-22
Chapter 241 Fiend in the Dream2020-11-22
Chapter 240 A Well-Planned Temptation2020-11-22
Chapter 239 The Dead Men’s Valley2020-11-22
Chapter 238 The Battered-Body Trick2020-11-22
Chapter 237 The Sneaker2020-11-22
Chapter 236 Not Threatening2020-11-22
Chapter 235 Three Women Makes a Play2020-11-22
Chapter 234 Unavoidable Confrontation2020-11-22
Chapter 233 Mutual Benefit2020-11-22
Chapter 232 Reunited with An Acquaintance2020-11-22
Volume three Bring Peace and Stability to the Country Chapter 231 An Ideal Couple2020-11-22
Chapter 230 Farewell2020-11-22
Chapter 229 In A New Land2020-11-22
Chapter 228 Narrow Escape from Death2020-11-22
Chapter 227 Fire Lighting Up the Sky2020-11-22
Chapter 226 The Case of Blood2020-11-22
Chapter 225 God of War’s Fatal Blow2020-11-22
Chapter 224 Sending News Secretly2020-11-22
Chapter 223 Turmoil2020-11-22
Chapter 222 Marching into the Palace2020-11-22
Chapter 221 Back Again2020-11-22
Chapter 219 Falling into Eternal Sleep2020-11-22
Chapter 218 Time to Catch Manipulator Behind2020-11-22
Chapter 217 Turn Everything Around2020-11-22
Chapter 216 The Sun Family’s Secret2020-11-22
Chapter 215 Kept Ourselves Before Anything2020-11-22
Chapter 214 Birds Die In Pursuit Of Food2020-11-22
Chapter 213 Sudden Bad News2020-11-22
Chapter 212 The Stealthy Assassination2020-11-22
Chapter 211 Sowing Discord Secretly2020-11-22
Chapter 210 The Bond Between Sisters2020-11-22
Chapter 209 Close Cooperation2020-11-22
Chapter 208 Strike First2020-11-22
Chapter 207 The New Wife from Sun Family2020-11-22
Chapter 206 A Noble Family2020-11-22
Chapter 205 The Mysterious Suicide Note2020-11-22
Chapter 204 Gold Treasure2020-11-22
Chapter 203 Finally a Couple2020-11-22
Chapter 202 A Married Women with a Single Man2020-11-22
Chapter 201 The Bad Omen2020-11-22
Chapter 200 The First Combat2020-11-22
Chapter 199 Clearing up Bad Customs2020-11-22
Chapter 198 The Guests from Jinling2020-11-22
Chapter 197 Deception2020-11-22
Chapter 196 Problem Unsolved2020-11-22
Chapter 195 A Surprising Reversal2020-11-22
Chapter 194 The Tunnel Monster2020-11-22
Chapter 193 Win-win Co-operation2020-11-22
Chapter 192 The Abnormal Love2020-11-22
Chapter 191 Deep into the Tiger’s Nest2020-11-22
Chapter 190 Secret Message2020-11-22
Chapter 189 Two Worthy Deaths2020-11-22
Chapter 188 The Shocking Words2020-11-22
Chapter 187 “Crazy Love for her Son”2020-11-22
Chapter 186 Venturing out of Doubt2020-11-22
Chapter 185 A Trick Banquet2020-11-22
Chapter 184 Deliberate Threatening2020-11-22
Chapter 183 Glamourous2020-11-22
Chapter 182 Sneak Attack at Midnight2020-11-22
Chapter 182 Elopement was hindered2020-11-22
Chapter 181 Cut the Wing2020-11-22
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