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Reborn Lady: Unparalleled Daughter of Concubine (Web Novel) - Chapter 276 Past Days

Chapter 276 Past Days

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Dou Meishuang? How could it be her?

Qin Yunuan pondered secretly in her heart, but she didn’t make it obvious on her face. She smiled and said to Xinger, “Miss, you must have got it wrong. How could the thirteenth prince marry such an unbearable person?”

Xinger raised her eyebrows and teased, “It’s just a political marriage. Do you really think Your Highness would like this lowly woman? No matter how good he is to her, he was just acting according to the circumstance.” After Xinger finished speaking, she looked at Qin Yunuan vigilantly, “I shouldn’t have told you so much. Anyway, you have heard it. When you finally arrive in West Liang, I couldn’t promise where you would end up.”

West Liang was the capital of West Xia. From Xinger’s words, Qin Yunuan could already conclude that Jing Yuanchu must be perfidious.

Jing Yuanchu seemed to be remarkably familiar to Yeren Valley. The team encountered almost no obstacles along the way. Except for the two soldiers who died of a poisonous snake bite, there was no big issue. With the faint daylight penetrating through the carriage curtain, Qin Yunuan could discover that the trees on the two sides appeared to be deliberately trimmed. Although there were occasional bumps along the road, it was smooth as if someone dug it out.

“His Royal Highness, there is someone in front.” With a red flag on his back, the pathfinder soldier at the front ran to report.

Jing Yuanchu raised his head slightly, “Bring him here.”

After a while, two black-armored soldiers escorted a dusty-faced man over. They pushed the man directly to the ground unceremoniously. The man looked too weak to withstand even a bit of shoving and fell flop on his face. Jing Yuanchu did not get down from his horse but looked at the people below with a very arrogant attitude. He ordered, “Hold your head up.”

The person underneath raised his head tremblingly, and his dirty face was filled with pitifulness. Leng Changxi recognized Lu Wuyi at a glance. He was sent to follow Wanyan Su. When Wanyan Su and his team members were escorted by Chen Jingrui’s men, Leng had wondered why Lu Wuyi was not among them, but he kept quiet. Now it seemed that Lu Wuyi should have gotten out of the situation in time. But he didn’t expect that after getting rid of Wanyan Su, there was a Jing Yuanchu, who was born to be ruthless.

Jing Yuanchu was holding the horsewhip in his hand. Pointing at Lu Wuyi with the whip, he said to Leng Changxi, “You know him?”

Leng Changxi shook his head, “No, I don’t.”

Jing Yuanchu then ordered Lu Wuyi’s messy hair pulled away. Taking a closer look, he smiled, “It turns out to be a descendant of the Lu family. No wonder you look so familiar. Keep him. Maybe he will be useful in the future.”

He recognized Lu Wuyi at a glance. Qin Yunuan observed the outside through the space between the carriage curtains. It seemed that Jing Yuanchu was capable of things.

Jing Yuanchu was not believed to be a man of decency, but he still had credibility. He treated Elder Princess well along the way, even taking care of Leng Changxi and Qin Yunuan. After all, he knew in his heart that without their company, Elder Princess would never go back with him so obediently.

Xinger seemed to be entrusted, and never again was coaxed by Qin Yunuan to say what shouldn’t be said as she did at the beginning. She also acted more carefully. Jing Yuanchu probably had reprimanded her. People saw her with red eyes once in a while.

A month later, the convoy finally reached the border between West Xia and the Liuli Kingdom. Jing Yuanchu squinted his eyes and stood on the mound. It seemed that he could smell the charming smell from the political power center of West Xia.

Qin Yunuan and Leng Changxi were sharing half of the toasting bun. The army was resting. Soldiers were sent to stand sentry in the four directions.

“You have lost weight recently. Eat more.” Leng Changxi handed half of the toasted bun in his hand to Qin Yunuan and said with a smile, “I have been bumping on the horse all the way, so I shouldn’t eat too much.”

Qin Yunuan felt distressed as she looked at the half-slap-sized toasted bun left for himself. After all, Leng Changxi was a tall man and consumed a lot of physical strength. How could he be full with so little food? But now they have reached no man’s land, and the team had been without food for a long time. Even Jing Yuanchu drank white water and ate roasted buns with the soldiers. Giving Leng Changxi and Qin Yunuan this whole piece was already hard.

Leng Changxi handed half of the toasted bun to Qin Yunuan’s mouth stubbornly. Like coaxing a child, he even opened his mouth to guide Qin Yunuan, “Ah.”

“What are you eating?” At this moment, the princess suddenly came out from behind. She wanted to go to the toilet badly and had asked Xinger to accompany her to the nearby bushes. When Elder Princess came back, she just saw Qin Yunuan and Leng Changxi sharing the buns.

“Ah, we can’t eat it.” The princess glanced at the baked bun with a disgusted face. Her eyes rolled cleverly. Then she fumbled in her purse and suddenly took out a whole white sugar rice cake with not much sugar crumbs on top, but it does not affect the deliciousness.

“Here, I’ll give you food.” Elder Princess was childlike. It was really hard to believe that she was a woman in her thirties.

“Elder Princess, where did you get this white sugar cake?” Qin Yunuan looked at the white sugar cake that was forcibly stuffed in her hand and was a little surprised. Those third-class soldiers couldn’t even eat anything.

“Where did it come from?” Elder Princess thought this question strange. “It’s the food box that Xinger gave me daily. There are so many delicious things there. I can’t finish it every day, and she doesn’t allow me to give it to others. I hid this cake secretly.”

Elder Princess just finished her words, but Xinger rushed over from nowhere. She snatched the sugar cake from Qin Yunuan’s hand angrily, threw it to the ground fiercely, and said to the princess in a reprimanding tone, “Why did you give them food? This is what you eat. There is a difference between inferiority and distinguished. How can you disrupt the order?”

“I,” Elder Princess was innocent, “I just saw them hungry.”

“It’s not okay even they are hungry. Everyone is hungry. Why can they be the exceptions? Elder Princess, you must know that you are a princess, and you are different from others.” Xinger said. Losing her confidence, she looked far away to Jing Yuanchu as if asking for help.

Sure enough, Jing Yuanchu came over with a very gentle tone, “I’m sorry if you are frightened,” he stated, and then spoke to Xinger sternly, “You seemed to be not clear of your own identity. How could you be so rude to the princess? You don’t need to eat today.” After speaking, he waved to let Xinger withdraw. Qin Yunuan could see clearly. Although Jing Yuanchu’s tone was full of anger, he did not seem to blame Xinger in his eyes.

“Elder Princess, I didn’t educate my servant girl well. I’m sorry if you are frightened.” Jing Yuanchu apologized to Elder Princess respectfully, the princess’s mood was finally a bit eased.

“Then I can still give them this food?” Elder Princess remembered Qin Yunuan and Leng Changxi’s love for her in her heart. She didn’t want to eat and drink lavishly but watch them in hunger.

Jing Yuanchu smiled brightly, but his words are still, “No.” Then he explained painstakingly. His argument was nothing more than what Xinger had said. It was about the difference between the respected and inferiority. Elder Princess was Daughter of Heaven. Her living cost should naturally be different from others.

Elder Princess felt dizzy with his words. Finally, she said that her head was spinning and had to get on the carriage to rest.

At night, the army camped on the spot. Qin Yunuan and Leng Changxi leaned close to the fire to keep warm. It was late, and the soldiers have gone to sleep, leaving only four people standing in different directions to watch the night. The firewood cracked in the flames. The dancing flame was reflected in Qin Yunuan’s clear pupils, Leng Changxi felt that what he saw was the most beautiful picture in the world.

Leng Changxi couldn’t hold back, lowered his head, and kissed Qin Yunuan’s forehead. Qin Yunuan raised his head slightly and pecked at the corner of Leng Changxi’s lips. It was subtle like a small fish in the water, gentle and heart-stirring. Leng Changxi was about to return her a stronger tenderness when Qin Yunuan said close to Leng Changxi’s ear, “Don’t you think that what Jing Yuanchu did was a bit strange?”

Because the two had always hugged each other, and the intimacy between the two before, people would only think that Qin Yunuan and Leng Changxi were getting intimate.

Leng Changxi nodded and replied softly, “I have the same thought.”

“Although Elder Princess is the key person of Jing Yuanchu’s protection and also the most powerful bargaining chip if he wanted Jing Donghua’s heart, there is no need to provide the princess with such luxury alone when the whole army was in short. Moreover, the diet is so strict that no one else can move her food.” The more Qin Yunuan thought, the clearer the guess in her heart.

“Do you think…”

“I think there is a problem with the food.” Qin Yunuan whispered, “We did not find other abnormalities on Elder Princess, but I always feel that there is a problem with the food.”

Leng Changxi pondered for a long time. He seemed to realize something, “No, the princess is not without abnormalities. On the contrary, her abnormality had suddenly become normal,” Leng Changxi stared at Qin Yunuan’s eyes, “Didn’t you find out that my mother hadn’t called me Donghua for a long time? She hadn’t called me by my name either. I’m afraid that it wasn’t she had clearly realized that I was not Jing Donghua, but that Jing Donghua was wiped from her life…”

“Let’s stop making arbitrary conjectures.” Qin Yunuan stopped Leng Changxi. After speaking, she looked at Lu Wuyi, who was sleeping not far away. Her eyes narrowed slightly, revealing a trace of ruthlessness, “Isn’t Lu Wuyi here? Let’s just invite him.”

At this time, Lu Wuyi was sleeping soundly. He had many dreams, all of which were good deeds he had done before, traveling, and practicing medicine. This made him very satisfied, but suddenly, the picture switched to a magnificent palace. He was half forced to step into the lifeless palace. His mind went blank. As a healer, his mission was to heal and save people. But before he came in, he was threatened to make the person on the sickbed die.

Everything in the dream was so real. He seemed to have relived the terrifying experience. He stuck the wrong needle deliberately. The woman, who was still breathing and could survive, was now dead. His hands were shaking. This was the first person he killed. Of course, there was a second, and many more. Unfortunately, this was not what he wanted. Through a kind of psychological counseling therapy in the family, he had rarely dreamed of this. But since meeting Jing Yuanchu, he had spent a month in such a nightmare, and he could often hear those evil spirits calling his name and demanding his life.

“Lu Wuyi?” A female voice suddenly rang in his ears. Gosh, an evil spirit had come to kill him.

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