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Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student (Web Novel) - Chapter 157: The Fire (3)

Chapter 157: The Fire (3)

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This was an act of arson.

The tools used to commit the crime were all here.

The police officers began to investigate the scene when they arrived. They put the candle that had not melted completely as well as the plastic bottle that once contained vegetable oil into transparent bags. They were going to bring these items back to the bureau as evidence.

During the interview, Ye Tianxin gave the police Ye Youran’s name.

She would not stay mum on Ye Youran’s heinous crimes for her.

Since Ye Youran dared to commit arson, then she had to pay the price for her misconduct.

After the interview was done, the crime scene investigation ended.

There was nothing Ye Tianxin could do about the situation after this.

Guan Chenxi accompanied Ye Tianxin to the town’s hospital to deal with her burns.

It was a marketing day.

The people from neighboring villages had all gathered in the town. The fire last night naturally became the topic of conversation.

Ye Tianxin went to the town hall after she left the hospital.

She remembered that there were houses for rent in the town hall.

When Ye Tianxin arrived at the town hall hostels, she saw Di Shanshi about to enter.

He brought Ye Tianxin to talk with Mayor Di after hearing about her situation.

With Mayor Di’s help, Ye Tianxin and Grandmother managed to find a temporary accommodation.

The rented house had two bedrooms.

There was also some basic furniture.

The owner of the house went to the province to further his studies and would return a year later.

Ye Tianxin and Grandmother’s courtyard would be rebuilt by then.

Most of Ye Tianxin’s and Grandmother’s belongings had been burned. They had to buy a lot of new things.

Ye Tianxin gave Guan Chenxi some money and told her to purchase some daily supplies.

Then, Ye Tianxin returned to the courtyard. It had still been a homey place yesterday, but now, it was gone…turned to ashes. Everything was burned and damaged.

Ye Tianxin stood in the remnants of their old house and felt sad.

The computer and mobile phone Li Qingcang had given her had been damaged. A lot of the clothing he had bought for her was also ruined.

When Ye Tianxin went to Grandmother’s room, she saw Grandmother’s bed.

There was treasure under Grandmother’s bed. She had to find time to take those things away.

After taking those things away, she could hire a construction team to deal with the burned stuff and rebuild the courtyard.

Ye Youran had been in class when the police came to arrest her.

It was said that the entire class had been very shocked when Ye Youran had been taken away.

To the young boys and girls of about 18, committing arson was already a terrifying crime.

They couldn’t believe that Ye Youran could do such a thing. They wondered what would happen to her. No one knew if they would see Ye Youran again.

Auntie Zhu found Ye Tianxin and Grandmother at their rented house on the day Ye Youran was taken away. She went down on her knees in front of Grandmother.

“Auntie, please talk to Tianxin. Our Youran is a kind child. She just took things too hard recently. That’s why she…”

Grandmother closed her eyes. She, more than anyone else, hoped that Ye Tianxin and Ye Youran could get along well like sisters. It was a pity that did not happen.

She replied, “I will not help you talk to Tianxin. Please leave.”

They had only managed to make it out safely. Thanks to Guan Chenxi.

What if Guan Chenxi had not been there?

She would have died.

She was so old that it did not matter if she had died.

But what about Tianxin?

She was in the prime of her life. What a pity it would be if she were to die!

Yes, Ye Youran was her grandniece, but Ye Tianxin was her granddaughter.

She knew clearly who was dearer to her.

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