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So I Am A Demon Descendent! (Web Novel)




Newspaper Boy


Slice of Life Xuanhuan

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When Li Xianyu was 20 years old, he received his father’s inheritance, an 18-year-old great-grandmother who was incredibly beautiful.

Li Xianyu: “Great-Grandma, why are you so young?”

Great-Grandma: “That’s because I died when I was 18 years old.”

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 383: The Li Family’s Daughter Is Grown Up2020-06-18
Chapter 382: How Can There Be Immortals In This World?2020-06-18
Chapter 381: The Helplessness And Sorrow Of Unrequited Love2020-06-17
Chapter 380: Encounters2020-06-17
Chapter 379: Have I Ever Walked Into Your Heart?2020-06-16
Chapter 378: Duality Of Charm Superpower2020-06-16
Chapter 377: Life And Death, Father And Daughter2020-06-16
Chapter 376: Kill You2020-06-16
Chapter 375: A Fated Battle: San Wu VS. God Of War2020-06-14
Chapter 374: The Truth Of The Past?2020-06-14
Chapter 373: The Door To The Great Deities Palace2020-06-14
Chapter 372: Li Xianyu: Even Buddha Head Will Be Scared Of Me2020-06-14
Chapter 371: Unmatched Beauty2020-06-14
Chapter 370: The Most Touching Scene2020-06-14
Chapter 369: Spirit Of A Gokudo Path Inheritor2020-06-14
Chapter 368: Devotee Li, Save Grandfather’s Younger Brother, Who Is Cutting Off Desires2020-06-14
Chapter 367: The Historical Demon That Escaped2020-06-14
Chapter 366: Another Bronze Hall2020-06-14
Chapter 365: What Do The Grievances Between The Older Generations Has Anything To Do With Me2020-06-14
Chapter 364: Training Series, Bringing The Child Of The Enemy Into The Harem2020-06-14
Chapter 363: Don’t Mind Me Touching You?2020-06-02
Chapter 362: Am I… Beautiful?2020-06-01
Chapter 361: Devour2020-06-01
Chapter 360: I Promise Not To Wear Gloves2020-05-31
Chapter 359: Intercepted2020-05-31
Chapter 358: What’s Going On?2020-05-30
Chapter 357: Don’t Blame Me For Betraying My Teammates2020-05-30
Chapter 356: The Most Alluring In All Of History2020-05-29
Chapter 355: Our Team Has A Trouble Magnet Too?2020-05-29
Chapter 354: Leaving2020-05-28
Chapter 353: The Script Is Different From What I Expected2020-05-28
Chapter 352: Initial Aspirations2020-05-27
Chapter 351: Help Me2020-05-27
Chapter 350: The Hunt Begins2020-05-26
Chapter 349: Don’t Mention Trouble Magnets, It’s Inauspicious2020-05-26
Chapter 348: Scram2020-05-25
Chapter 347: Secrets Of The Great Deities Palace2020-05-25
Chapter 346: Monster Trapped Underground2020-05-24
Chapter 345: Infant2020-05-24
Chapter 344: Speculations About The Great Deities Palace2020-05-23
Chapter 343: The World Inside The Door2020-05-23
Chapter 342: Door Open2020-05-22
Chapter 341: Why Has It Become Like This?2020-05-22
Chapter 340: The Real Mission2020-05-21
Chapter 339: Eight Keys2020-05-21
Chapter 338: Man Full of Nonsense2020-05-20
Chapter 337: Sports Car2020-05-20
Chapter 336: As Long As My Speed Is Fast Enough2020-05-19
Chapter 335: River Monster2020-05-19
Chapter 334: Stone Door2020-05-18
Chapter 333: Gathering Of All Heroes2020-05-18
Chapter 332: Entrance Of The Great Deities Palace2020-05-17
Chapter 331: The Ten Gods Are Here2020-05-17
Chapter 330: Mount Niu2020-05-16
Chapter 329: Attack On Baoze2020-05-16
Chapter 328: Can I Quit This Mission?2020-05-15
Chapter 327: Xiu’er2020-05-15
Chapter 326: The Reverse Scale2020-05-14
Chapter 325: Joint Pressure2020-05-14
Chapter 324: Astonishing Change2020-05-13
Chapter 323: Don’t Die!2020-05-13
Chapter 322: It’s Still The Same Formula2020-05-12
Chapter 321: Testing The Waters2020-05-12
Chapter 320: Bringing The Harem Home2020-05-11
Chapter 319: Go Home2020-05-11
Chapter 318: The Past Covered By Fog2020-05-10
Chapter 317: The Truth From Twenty Years Ago2020-05-10
Chapter 316: Secret Meeting2020-05-09
Chapter 315: “Imaginary” Enemy2020-05-09
Chapter 3142020-05-08
Chapter 313: How Fragrant2020-05-08
Chapter 312: Lord Haize2020-05-07
Chapter 311: The Harem’s Darkest Day2020-05-07
Chapter 310: Empress2020-05-07
Chapter 309: Foregone Conclusion2020-05-07
Chapter 308: The Apex Of Strength2020-05-06
Chapter 307: Awakened For Eight Decades2020-05-06
Chapter 306: Request For Assistance2020-05-04
Chapter 305: Swords Crossed2020-05-04
Chapter 304: Prepare For Group Battle2020-05-03
Chapter 303: Don’t Need To Thank Me, My Name Is Red Scarf2020-05-03
Chapter 302: Giant Beast2020-05-02
Chapter 301: Been Beaten Up Very Badly2020-05-02
Chapter 300: I’ve Been Tricked2020-05-01
Chapter 299: Plan B2020-05-01
Chapter 298: Darling, Are We On?2020-05-01
Chapter 297: Big Guys, Come Gather Here2020-04-30
Chapter 296: I Am The Protagonist2020-04-29
Chapter 295: Raising The Net2020-04-29
Chapter 294: What A Coincidence2020-04-28
Chapter 293: Peak Of My Life2020-04-28
Chapter 292: Madame2020-04-27
Chapter 291: Golden Gate Club2020-04-27
Chapter 290: Castration For A Permanent Fix2020-04-27
Chapter 289: Culprit2020-04-27
Chapter 288: Violate2020-04-27
Chapter 287: An Old Taoist Priest In The Mountains2020-04-27
Chapter 286: Maoshan2020-04-24
Chapter 285: Great Demons’ Alliance2020-04-24
Chapter 284: Caught A Big Fish2020-04-23
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