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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel)


This is the story of an orphan, Lu Shu. He is not any regular orphan, but a metahuman experiencing the changes in himself, his country and the world during the dawn of the magical era. Watch as Lu Shu embarks on a journey to hone his peculiar abilities together with his sister, the adorable and charismatic Lu Xiaoyu. Along the way, they’ll encounter supernatural events, obstacles and even the most powerful people in their country. How will Lu Shu make the best of his abilities and oust his never-ending list of rivals and opponents?

752 • 2019-03-27 17:09:23


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 1271: Punishment2020-07-08
Chapter 1270: Blood of Masters2020-07-08
Chapter 1269: Master Lu Xiaoyu!2020-07-08
Chapter 1268: Seal the City2020-07-07
Chapter 1267: Take A Gamble2020-07-07
Chapter 1266: The Position of the Lord of Heaven2020-07-07
Chapter 1265: A New Wealthy Family2020-07-06
Chapter 1264: Lord of Heaven of the North2020-07-06
Chapter 1263: Battle!2020-07-06
Chapter 1262: Messenger2020-07-05
Chapter 1261: Many Patterns2020-07-05
Chapter 1260: Be Direct!2020-07-05
Chapter 1259: Back Thrust2020-07-04
Chapter 1258: Massive Introduction Session2020-07-04
Chapter 1257: Mice Army Scout2020-07-04
Chapter 1256: Sorry to Disturb2020-07-03
Chapter 1255: Complain2020-07-03
Chapter 1254: New Beginning for the Sun Family2020-07-03
Chapter 1253: Imperial Edict!2020-07-02
Chapter 1252: Never Forget. It Will Echo Back2020-07-02
Chapter 1251: Destroy the City!2020-07-02
Chapter 1250: Alert the Palace2020-07-01
Chapter 1249: The Last Cultural Class2020-07-01
Chapter 1248: Find the Spy2020-07-01
Chapter 1247: Unlucky Bandits2020-07-01
Chapter 1246: War of Return2020-06-30
Chapter 1245: Blood Ritual Flags2020-06-30
Chapter 1244: We Are Willing To Advance2020-06-29
Chapter 1243: Reappearance of the Imperial Dragon Soldiers2020-06-29
Chapter 1242: The Start of a Great War2020-06-29
Chapter 1241: At Daggers Drawn2020-06-28
Chapter 1240: They Are Still a Bunch of Children2020-06-28
Chapter 1239: Floating Gold Mine2020-06-28
Chapter 1238: The Mystery of Cao Qingci2020-06-27
Chapter 1237: Bestowed By the Emperor2020-06-27
Chapter 1236: No Way!2020-06-27
Chapter 1235: Tear Tricker’s Death2020-06-26
Chapter 1234: Oscar Best Supporting Actor Li Xianyi2020-06-26
Chapter 1233: The Last Relic2020-06-26
Chapter 1232: Holder of the Relic2020-06-25
Chapter 1231: Finding the Relic2020-06-25
Chapter 1230: What Happened in the Palace of the King of Gods2020-06-25
Chapter 1229: Bringing Up the Past2020-06-24
Chapter 1228: Traveling Down Memory Lane2020-06-24
Chapter 1227: Replacement Heavenly Kings!2020-06-24
Chapter 1226: Chen Zuan’s Decision2020-06-23
Chapter 1225: Visitors to the Chen Family2020-06-23
Chapter 1224: Lu Xiaoyu’s Evil Aura2020-06-23
Chapter 1223: Friends, Comrades2020-06-22
Chapter 1222: Consistent in Currying Favor2020-06-22
Chapter 1221: Weapon Apprentice2020-06-22
Chapter 1220: The Gourd2020-06-21
Chapter 1219: Master of Weapons2020-06-21
Chapter 1218: Sorry to Disturb You2020-06-21
Chapter 1217: Recognizable2020-06-20
Chapter 1216: Repay This World For Being Warm2020-06-20
Chapter 1215: I Control My Own Fate2020-06-20
Chapter 1214: Disruption of Life after Meeting Lu Shu2020-06-19
Chapter 1213: Confusion of Media2020-06-19
Chapter 1212: The Past is in the Past2020-06-19
Chapter 1211: Dark Map and Celestial Map2020-06-18
Chapter 1210: One Person, One City2020-06-18
Chapter 1209: Life2020-06-18
Chapter 1208: Punishment2020-06-17
Chapter 1207: Fortress in the Clouds2020-06-17
Chapter 1206: Not Afraid of the Daylight Flames in Bulao City2020-06-17
Chapter 1205: Re-interrogation of Lu Kongming2020-06-16
Chapter 1204: Good Person Lu Shu2020-06-16
Chapter 1203: Capture All at One Go2020-06-16
Chapter 1202: Killer Witchcraft2020-06-15
Chapter 1201: Where Is the City Head2020-06-15
Chapter 1200: Plan Failed Again2020-06-15
Chapter 1199: Turn The Tables2020-06-14
Chapter 1198: An Important Figure2020-06-14
Chapter 1197: The Best At Currying Favor2020-06-14
Chapter 1196: I Was Careless2020-06-13
Chapter 1195: Character Has Not Collapsed!2020-06-13
Chapter 1194: City of Evil2020-06-13
Chapter 1193: Outside the Forbidden Land2020-06-12
Chapter 1192: Make a Wish2020-06-12
Chapter 1191: Leave the Forbidden Land2020-06-12
Chapter 1190: The Secret of the Remains2020-06-11
Chapter 1189: Lural2020-06-11
Chapter 1188: All Tricks2020-06-11
Chapter 1187: Logical Genius2020-06-10
Chapter 1186: A Way to Escape the Forbidden Land!2020-06-10
Chapter 1185: Stalemate2020-06-10
Chapter 1184: Discovery of BUG2020-06-09
Chapter 1183: Leave Not Even a Blade of Grass Behind2020-06-09
Chapter 1182: Love Story in Sardinia2020-06-09
Chapter 1181: Leader of the Deities!2020-06-08
Chapter 1180: Blazing Cloud Foals2020-06-08
Chapter 1179: Leave the Campsite2020-06-08
Chapter 1178: Betrayal and Selling Out2020-06-07
Chapter 1177: I’m Waiting At Bulao City!2020-06-07
Chapter 1176: The Appearance of the Ninth Heavenly King!2020-06-07
Chapter 1175: Mysterious Guest2020-06-06
Chapter 1174: Run Out of Provisions2020-06-06
Chapter 1173: Barrier of the Forbidden Land2020-06-06
Chapter 1172: Biting Back2020-06-05

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