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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 1245: Blood Ritual Flags

Chapter 1245: Blood Ritual Flags

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This time, not only did the Imperial Dragon Soldiers follow Lu Shu to the Luniverse, but also Chen Zuan, Cheng Qiuqiao and Lu Xiaoyu. After wearing the Armor that Shook Mountains, both Cheng Qiuqiao and Chen Zuan walked proudly in front of the troops. The door of the Longmen Fortress opened and all the soldiers of the Heavenly Network stood on the fortress, watching Lu Shu and the rest progress into the space pathway.

For some reason, everyone felt a wave of strength from these troops.

Lu Xiaoyu tossed a box onto the fortress and it landed in front of Nie Ting. Shi Xuejin bent over and opened it, it was a box full of refresher fruits!

This was the gift that Lu Xiaoyu and Lu Shu left behind for the Heavenly Network. They had to protect it such that the energy did not leak, so as to ensure that the Heavenly Network could save many “Zhao Yongchens” in the future.

As he saw the box of fruits, Zhao Yongchen remembered the conversation he had with Lu Shu on that rainy night. He suddenly shouted at Lu Shu, “Sage, this trip…”

Then, he was broken off by Lu Shu. “Shut up, I will be able to return!”

“Oh.” Zhao Yongchen stopped talking.

“From Zhao Yongchen’s distress, +666!”

Lu Shu looked at the city gates of the Longmen Fortress while standing in front of the space pathway. The soldiers of the Heavenly Network looked at them from above the city gates. Lu Shu knew that too many people would be awaiting his return.

Suddenly, a black spot moved quickly towards him. Lu Shu raised his hand and the entire troop of Imperial Dragon Soldiers suddenly stopped in front of him.

Nobody asked anything. Lu Shu told them to wait so they had to wait quietly. 5000 Imperial Dragon Soldiers wearing armor stood quietly on the spot with the red tassels on their helmets flowing in the wind.

This scene was too astonishing, even the soldiers of the Heavenly Network were shocked. It felt as though they drank a bottle of aged wine in winter.

The soldiers of the Heavenly Network on the city gate looked behind themselves. The black spot in the sky grew in size and everyone eventually saw each other’s faces. The person who was wearing flowy white clothes was Coral from the Deities.

Lu Xiaoyu rolled her eyes. Why was Coral doing this.

Coral sped up and landed beside Lu Shu. She smiled and said, “I managed to catch up. I will follow you anywhere you go.”

The Imperial Dragon Soldiers looked in silence, especially Zhang Weiyu and the rest.

Chen Zuan who was beside them smiled and said to Lu Shu, “Brother Shu, if both Lu Xiaoyu and Coral were in a room and the room caught fire, who will you save first?”

Lu Shu looked at Chen Zuan in astonishment. The other Imperial Dragon Soldiers also looked at Chen Zuan. Li Heitan looked as though he was looking at a good friend while Zhang Weiyu almost covered his face. He was worried that they would lose a member before they reached the Luniverse. This must be the so-called “death before gaining victory”.

Lu Shu slapped Chen Zuan’s head. “I will put out the fire first! What f*cking fire! What fire! How dare you set fire to the room! Don’t you dare set fire in the future!”

Chen Zuan almost cried from the beating. He was only making an assumption, he did not set the fire! The mood suddenly changed from one that was solemn to one that was cheerful!

“From Chen Zuan’s distress, +999!”

Lu Shu roared angrily at Zhang Weiyu, “Set off!”

As he said that, Lu Shu stepped into the space pathway first and Zhang Weiyu, who was behind him, took out a black flag that had big red words sewn on it.

The Heavenly Network could not see clearly on the city gates. Someone asked softly, “What is written on the flag, why did the Ninth Heavenly King beat Chen Zuan?”

“I can’t see what is on the flag either, but I know that the Ninth Heavenly King had beaten Chen Zuan up because he deserved it…”

“Hold on, I have a binoculars.” Someone whipped out a binoculars and froze when he saw what was written on the flag. “Escape poverty and make a fortune…”

“What ‘escape poverty and make a fortune’? Why are you saying this, stop speaking your mind.” mumbled someone.

The person who was holding onto the binoculars was speechless. “Someone else wrote this on the flag. The words on the flag are ‘escape poverty and make a fortune’!”

The gloomy mood that was originally present suddenly disappeared. What the f*ck was ‘escape poverty and make a fortune’, could the Ninth Heavenly King be more serious when designing a flag?

Lu Xiaoyu asked someone to customize the flag on her way to deliver the bear meat and refresher fruit to Uncle Li. The person who was tasked to customize the flag was stunned. They had seen pet hospitals sew “Save my dog’s life” on their flag, and had seen matchmaking agencies sew “rejuvenation” on their flag. However, it was the first time they saw a battle flag with the words “escape poverty and make a fortune”!

The lady in charge of the sewing asked Lu Xiaoyu if she was going to the countryside to help the poor, and Lu Xiaoyu said no…

However, both the Heavenly Network and the lady sewing the flag had underestimated the capability of the flag in the Luniverse.

People guarded the exit of the space pathway. Like in North America, a large number of slave owners gathered and wanted to take advantage of the situation. The news of the North American pathway being invaded had yet to spread and the slave owners were about to enter the space pathway!

Then, the next moment, they suddenly saw a young man walk out from the space pathway and he was smiling at them. His white teeth made him look as though he wanted to eat them!

Then, soon after, the Imperial Palace Soldiers wearing black Armor that Shook Mountains ran out and the soldier in front was holding onto the flag that read ‘escape poverty and make a fortune’!

The slave owners panicked. “Isn’t this the flag of the Wei Wu Army, didn’t someone say that Duanmu Huangqi killed all of them? What’s happening, the young man should be the owner of the Wei Wu Army!”

They did not know that the Imperial Dragon Soldiers had made a comeback. If they had known, they would be even more fearful!

Although they were unaware of why the Wei Wu Army were all alive, it was the truth. Since they saw Lu Shu and the Wei Wu Army, that meant that the people who spread the news in the Luniverse were lying!

Instantly, hundreds of slave owners turned and fled. They had no confidence of winning against the “Wei Wu Army” as the 20,000 soldiers of the Black Feather Army had lost.

The reputation of “Wei Wu Army” in the Luniverse was extremely influential!

Before Lu Shu made his command, the commander of the Imperial Dragon Soldiers coldly said, “Follow and kill a batch, stain the ritual flags with blood! To serve as a warning”

The voice was spread from the mark in the helmet. Lu Shu did not stop him as he had already handed the right to others. He should not question the commander. Li Liang wanted to awaken the bloodthirstiness of the Imperial Dragon Soldiers with people’s lives!

Lu Shu did not speak. He would not regret it as he was there to kill

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