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The Anarchic Consort (Web Novel) - Chapter 1085: Helian Weiwei Concludes the Case Handsomely

Chapter 1085: Helian Weiwei Concludes the Case Handsomely

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Helian Weiwei could hear them practically tearing down the walls on the other side and she used a finger to press against her aching head as she sneered, “Monkey, get to the point. And if the rest of you don’t remain quiet, none of you will be allowed to hug my little Qingchen anymore.”

When these extremely destructive and rough men heard these words, they instantly straightened their backs and lined up properly!

Gaining the favor of their little boss was the goal they had been pursuing all their lives.

Their little boss hadn’t been around for the past two days, and they all felt that they had nothing left to live for.

In the future, if they weren’t able to hug him anymore…just thinking about it made them feel so upset and so hurt!

Helian Weiwei was already used to the way her goofy underlings behaved, so the corners of her mouth twitched, but she didn’t look at the faces of those men. She said to Monkey, “The documents are 100% restored? ”

“Of course! ” Monkey gave a thumbs up. “If I had to track it down, then things would have gotten tricky, since so much time has passed and it’s not going to be easy to track it down. Thankfully, you told us to come to this school to look for the documents and it’s saved me at least three days and three nights of time. As long as he hasn’t changed his laptop, I can follow the traces left in the laptop. But this young punk is pretty smart and he deletes his files on a regular basis. I had to recover his recycle bin in order to get all the previously deleted files out and spent quite a bit of time, but everything went smoothly.”

“Very good. ” Helian Weiwei’s thin lips curved upwards. “Point your phone at his computer screen. I want him to see it with his own eyes.”

Monkey followed her instructions.

Zhao Xiaodong looked at that page that he was extremely familiar with and couldn’t keep a straight face any longer!

Helian Weiwei’s voice still carried a smile, just like a grim reaper who had come to claim his life. “Mr. Zhao, you should be familiar with this chat you see here, right? In order to make sure you can’t eloquently exonerate yourself through an argument with words, I got them to restore the email address you used to send the shopkeeper your design for the escape room, and that email address has nothing else but one sent email. Did you think I wouldn’t be able to track you down just because you didn’t put in any personal information when you registered for this email address? Mr. Zhao, you’ve underestimated this supposedly pretentious trickster fengshui master you thought I was.”

Zhao Xiaodong remained silent and his entire face was ashen.

The shopkeeper was the one who reacted violently instead. He pointed at Weiwei’s screen and exclaimed, “It’s this email! This is the email address that sent me the full design of Sobbing House!”

“Mr. Zhao.” Helian Weiwei kept her phone away in a cool fashion and her words were concise and straight to the point, “If I hand this proposal you sent over to the police and let them get professionals to look at it, they would immediately notice the problems inside. Why did a bunch of unnecessary steel pipes appear in the design and what role did the walkie-talkie play? It won’t take much to find out why. And you can forget about wriggling your way out of this.”

Zhao Xiaodong let out a low laugh. He pulled the glasses off his face and the aggression on his face was apparent. “I really don’t understand. My plan was so perfect, so how did you find out? Should the most suspicious person among us be Chen Feiyang? He fits the bill of the murderer more than me!”

“That’s because every bit of the backstory and props of this escape room is connected to your inner thoughts. You re-enacted the entire scene of what happened that night out, and I was wondering how could an escape room possibly fit 90% of your experience? There had to be something about this place that I still didn’t know about. So by the time we reached the third stage, I got my subordinates to get into your dormitory and we did reap a good result in the end. I’m glad the shopkeeper hadn’t forgotten where he first got the design for the room from.”

Helian Weiwei stretched out lazily and her voice was unfeeling, “Alright now, the case is closed. I’ve found all that evidence that you insisted on seeing, so Mr. Zhao, just wait to go to jail now.”

Of course, Zhao Xiaodong wouldn’t give in so easily. His first reaction was to run!

But as soon as he turned around, something flew over from behind and jabbed his calf!

Zhao Xiaodong immediately sprawled on the ground in pain. He hugged his leg and looked to see that it was a youth in a black suit.

Come to think of it, this part really puzzled Zhao Xiaodong as well.

The trap he set would definitely stab someone to death. Those steel pipes would definitely kill the person within that room!

But why wasn’t there a single injury on Baili Jiajue?

He originally thought that if a second person died, it would be able to divert everyone’s attention.

He didn’t expect that he would actually miss!

Zhao Xiaodong bared his teeth and looked up at Baili Jiajue. This was undoubtedly the biggest failure in his plan!

And that high school student!

Zhao Xiaodong turned his head and looked at Helian Weiwei. His face was extremely pale.

Helian Weiwei didn’t even look at him and just strolled past him.

“Wait a minute!” Zhao Xiaodong endured the terrible pain he felt and his lips trembled. “Since you’re so good at investigating all these things and you said that I’ve made a mistake in avenging Sichun because the one who killed her wasn’t Zhang Heng, then who’s her killer? Who’s the other murderer?”

Helian Weiwei’s gaze glanced at him without a trace of warmth. “Why should I tell you?”

“You know who it is, right?” Zhao Xiaodong became agitated. “Help me, help me to expose that person!”

Helian Weiwei paused in her footsteps and said flatly, “I’ve always thought that no matter what sort of love relationship you’re in, the minimum requirement is that both sides are equal. You like her and she respects you. It’s not a pity that a woman like Dong Sichun died. There are many reasons why couples break up, and it generally doesn’t matter.”

“But the most disgusting of them all is the type of woman who breaks up other people’s families and plays with other men’s feelings. She perished because the heavens decided it was time for her to go. She treated you like that, and you still wanted to avenge her? A slutty woman is compatible with a despicable man, I suppose.”

“Mr. Zhao, if you have so much time, why don’t you spare a thought for your parents? How have they taken care of you all your life? You’ve ruined your future for such a woman. Is it worth it?”

Zhao Xiaodong didn’t say anything else and was suddenly stunned.

He suddenly remembered the time when his mother came to Beijing and couldn’t bear to walk into Starbucks.

She said, “Son, a drink costs more than $30, so I won’t drink it because it’s too expensive. But I’ll buy you a cup. What would you like to have?”

He had come from a small town and his parents were ordinary low ranking employees.

There was no cafe like Starbucks in their county.

His mother really couldn’t bear to spend the money, but even so, she walked to a Starbucks under the hot sun and bought him an iced cappuccino despite knowing nothing about coffee.

At that time, he was so embarrassed by her. She didn’t even know how to order a cup of coffee, so he felt that she was embarrassing.

Starbucks was nothing more than an ordinary thing to the people in the city, especially to Dong Sichun.

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