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The Charm of Soul Pets (Web Novel) - Chapter 1377: So What if I Kill (2)

Chapter 1377: So What if I Kill (2)

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Fresh blood spilled out of the Ash Demon’s mouth. The Ash Demon’s durable and strong chest had been caved in to the point where its chest was practically touching its back. Its skeleton had completely deformed.

“Me~~~~~~~” the Ash Demon let out a painful cry. As it looked at Chu Mu, its eyes showed fear.

Zhao Zhuo who was standing next to Chu Mu was stunned by this scene. He didn’t even see how his soul pet was attacked!

The atmosphere suddenly froze. Zhao Zhuo began to chant an incantation as he faced this great enemy.

He rapidly retreated next to Guo Shi and Han Erxing. His job was to protect Han Erxing, but the powerful enemy in front of him was clearly here for Han Erxing!

When Zhao Zhuo finished his incantation, an Angry Horn Devil appeared in front of him.

The first time Chu Mu had seen an Angry Horn Devil was on Yellow Springs Path. The Angry Horn Devil Zhao Zhuo had summoned was at the immortal rank, but in Chu Mu’s eyes, Zhao Zhuo’s Angry Horn Devil was incapable of comparing to Yellow Springs Path’s Angry Horn Devil, which had experienced a plethora of battles. Indeed, the fear in Zhao Zhuo’s Angry Horn Devil’s eyes when it faced a strong opponent was enough to exemplify this.

After Zhao Zhuo summoned this soul pet, he chanted another incantation.

Chu Mu had crippled his Ash Demon with a single attack just now. This strength wasn’t something Zhao Zhuo alone could deal with. He had to ask for assistance.

When his incantation finished, a resplendent halo began to flicker in Zhao Zhuo’s palm. As Zhao Zhuo raised his hand, a beam of light flew into the sky.

Chu Mu didn’t interrupt Zhao Zhuo’s call for help because by the time Divine Sect’s people got here, they wouldn’t even be able to find their corpses.

“Young Master, leave first. I will delay him.” Zhao Zhuo glanced at Han Erxing behind him and spoke very gravely.

Han Erxing finally came back to his senses.

Just now, Chu Mu crippling the Ash Demon with a single attack had greatly shocked Han Erxing. Indeed, the Ash Demon was much stronger than his own Heaven Horn Beast. The opponent hadn’t even used a technique and left the Ash Demon in a half-dead state. This meant that if Chu Mu had used this strength in the competition, he could have easily instakilled his Heaven Horn Beast!!

Why did a person of the same age as him have such terrifying strength??

Han Erxing shivered. It didn’t matter where he obtained this strength from; all Han Erxing knew that was that he could kill him as easily as flipping his hand. And by appearing in front of Han Erxing, it meant that he was definitely here for revenge!

Han Erxing felt fear. After hearing Zhao Zhuo’s words, he didn’t hesitate at all to summon his wing type soul pet.

Guo Shi, who had colluded with him, saw that Han Erxing had summoned a wing type soul pet and hastily jumped on.

The wing type soul pet beat its wings and began to fly away. Han Erxing could only think about fleeing this place first. He would wait until Divine Sect’s members arrived because no matter how strong Chu Mu was, he had committed a mortal crime by attacking Divine Sect Members.

Chu Mu glanced up at Han Erxing who had flown into the sky. For some reason, after experiencing the Quiet Forest fight, Chu Mu now enjoyed giving those who would inevitably die a hope for survival. Then, he would personally extinguish that hope and look at their despairing and fearful expression.

Chu Mu didn’t immediately stop Han Erxing. Instead, he stretched out his hand and seemed to grab onto something.

Black devil flames began to jump in Chu Mu’s hand. The devil flames quickly transformed into a devil sword with fluctuating black flames. The handle of the sword was being telepathically held by Chu Mu!

Chu Mu glanced at Zhao Zhuo, who was afraid of him. He cracked a merciless smile.

The black devil sword slashed down. It looked slow and powerless, but the night sky was slashed in half by the sword!

Zhao Zhuo stared at the sword with wide eyes. He had wanted to order his Angry Horn Devil to dodge, but the slow sword had managed to somehow slash through his Angry Horn Devil.

Starting from its single horn, it was chopped right down the middle!

The Angry Horn Devil didn’t let out a miserable cry, nor did fresh blood spill out from where it had been cut. Instead, it was rapidly engulfed in black devil flames.

The black flames began to burn from the cut and spread in both directions, instantly burning the Angry Horn Devil’s body to ashes!

Zhao Zhuo’s order was still in his mouth. The horrifying sword just now seemed like it had split his heart in two as he dumbfoundedly stood there…

After Zhao Zhuo had stepped into the immortal rank, he rarely had any opponents. Although he knew there were more powerful existences above him, most of these people were those who wielded power in the human realm.

Zhao Zhuo had never fought with these people before, nor did he know how big the strength discrepancy between him and them were.

But now when his soul pet had been instakilled, Zhao Zhuo finally realized that even at the immortal rank, he was no more than a pile of rubbish in front of those people he couldn’t afford to provoke.

“Who… who on earth are you…” Zhao Zhuo’s face was pale and cold sweat seeped down his back.

Chu Mu didn’t give Zhao Zhuo a chance to say another sentence. From his finger shot out two balls of silver devil flames.

These two balls of devil flames landed on Zhao Zhuo and the half-dead Ash Demon.

“Hu hu!!!!!”

The silver devil flames violently burned and Zhao Zhuo’s face, illuminated by the flames, was filled with disbelief and extremely deep resentment.

The disbelief stemmed from the fact he couldn’t believe that after undergoing extreme hardships and hard work to step into the immortal rank, he had been killed by someone in such a short period of time. As for the extremely deep resentment, that was directed towards Han Erxing. Han Erxing, who often committed various evils, had finally provoked someone he shouldn’t have. However, it had now implicated Zhao Zhuo to his death.

In the sky, Han Erxing and Guo Shi were initially standing on the wing type soul pet’s back. But when they saw the two balls of silver devil flames burn Zhao Zhuo into ashes, the two of them were so frightened, they couldn’t even stand properly.

They had a very clear understanding of Zhao Zhuo’s strength. But now, even an immortal rank expert of this calibre couldn’t escape death. It would be a miracle for the two of them to escape.

“Hurry… go…. go to Divine Mountain.” Han Erxing stuttered his order.

Han Erxing’s wing type soul pet beat its wings as hard as it could. It passed through the dense darkness and flew towards Divine Mountain.

After Han Erxing had stepped into the immortal realm, he stopped feeling that there was a large distance between Cloud Sky Loft and Divine Mountain. Oftentimes, to travel from one to the other would happen in a wave of drunk muddle-headedness.

However, today, Divine Mountain seemed particularly far away - almost as if no matter how much he flew, he wasn’t able to fly there.

People would often have this kind of misconception, but Han Erxing didn’t think this was a misconception. The radiance from Divine Mountain in the distance was never able to illuminate Han Erxing’s body…

“Why… why have we been… we’re trapped!” Guo Shi shouted out of fear.

Following Guo Shi’s yell, Han Erxing subconsciously looked down.

Indeed, the two balls of silver devil flames were still below him and not far behind him was still the white Cloud Sky Loft.

Even after flying for so long, they were still in the same place!

A bone-piercing chill rushed through Han Erxing’s body. An unprecedented fear gripped his heart.

At the same time, Chu Mu, who had completely different pupils, slowly flew into the sky and arrived in front of Han Erxing and Guo Shi.

Han Erxing and Guo Shi were so scared they began to crawl backwards. If others were to see their miserable and pitiful appearances, they would never believe that these were the outstanding experts of Zhengming Main City.

“What… what do you want to do?! We… we have no grievances or animosity between us… if… if you kill us, Divine Sect won’t… won’t let you off!!” Han Erxing stumbled through his words.

Chu Mu walked up in front of Han Erxing. He picked him up with one hand stared into his eyes that were filled with fear.

“Divine Sect… Divine Sect has countless experts… They will… will work with my father to kill you… If you kill me… all of the experts will track you down. When that happens, you and those beside you will all die…. If you… if you let me go right now, we’ll call it even and I can use my soul to swear I won’t find any trouble for you.” Han Erxing was scared silly, but he still said something capable of making his opponent afraid of the consequences.

But Chu Mu was indifferent towards Han Erxing’s half-threat and half-compromise. A ball of silver devil flames slowly burned in his hand.

“It won’t be long before your father joins you below.” apathetically said Chu Mu.

After he finished speaking, a snake-like silver flame slowly began to crawl up Han Erxing’s body.

Han Erxing’s neck was first covered by the flames and as it spread over his entire body, it burned his soul at an extremely slow pace.

“Ah!!! Ah!!!!!!!!!”

Han Erxing painfully cried out.

His body couldn’t stop writhing, but his throat was firmly grasped by Chu Mu’s hand. He was unable to free himself no matter how hard he tried. He could only slowly endure the merciless torture from the silver devil flames!

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~”


The devil flames continued to burn, and the ice cold temperature bore its way into Han Erxing’s soul.

Han Erxing’s body was slowly turned scorched-black, and his soul continued to painfully cry out!

Guo Shi, who was sitting next to them, had fainted several times. This type of torture was even crueler than burning at the stake!

An unknown amount of time passed before Han Erxing’s miserable cries finally stopped.

Han Erxing’s corpse was still in Chu Mu’s hand. It had turned into a scorched-black coal-like corpse!

Chu Mu suddenly wrung his hand and the corpse instantly collapsed into a pile of black ashes.

“Do you know why he died?” Chu Mu drifted forwards and stared at Guo Shi who had pissed his pants out of fear.

“I… I,I… I know….” as Guo Shi spoke, his teeth were chattering together.

“I’ll give you one minute to think of a reason why I shouldn’t kill you.” said Chu Mu.

Guo Shi was stunned. It was like he saw a chance of survival.

“Han Erxing… Han Erxing was killed by Lu Fengnan. I… I personally saw it!” Guo Shi was still able to think of a reason in these circumstances, meaning his brain wasn’t just a pile of mush.

Chu Mu nodded his head, satisfied.

He turned around and glanced at Yu Suo as he said: “I’ll leave Guo Shi to you. Use him well. Lu Fengnan and Han Yan both deserve to die.”

Yu Suo walked forward and a bloody red seed appeared out of thin air. She pointed forwards and the seed instantly melded into Guo Shi’s skin.

Yu Suo usually controlled others by binding them to benefits. However, towards people like Guo Shi, who knew a lot of secrets, she obviously had to take special care of them.

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