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The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad (Web Novel)


As an ordinary human being on the earth, Tang Long was brought to the Cultivation World by a lost immortal, and relying on his amazing talent, he made it to one of the five emperors in that world. However, struck by Thunder of Nine Heavens, he lost his life. It was lucky for him to transmigrate in the human world in an intern who was named Qin Haodong. With his excellent medical skills, he became a divine doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and encountered the baby girl he made before going into the Cultivation World, whose mother was as pretty as a fairy. The little girl even asked him to find more lovers. What a cute girl…

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 518 Xuan Yuan Divine Sword2020-07-09
Chapter 517 A Beauties’ Concentration Camp2020-07-07
Chapter 516 A Strange Seal2020-07-07
Chapter 515 Evil Spirit2020-07-06
Chapter 514 Su Hui’s Maternal Grandfather2020-07-06
Chapter 513 The Little Fellow Arrives2020-07-06
Chapter 512 Sun Wei’s New Look2020-07-06
Chapter 511 Am I That Type of Person?2020-07-05
Chapter 510 Are You Satisfied with the Shape of Your Head?2020-07-05
Chapter 509 Three Black Pills2020-07-04
Chapter 508 You Can’t Lie2020-07-04
Chapter 507 An Underwear Show2020-07-03
Chapter 506 The Revenge of a Woman2020-07-03
Chapter 505 Jade Crystal Pendant2020-07-03
Chapter 504 Pretend I Am a Woman2020-07-03
Chapter 503 Super Goalkeeper2020-07-01
Chapter 502 I Want His Legs2020-07-01
Chapter 501 Poaching a Stronghold2020-06-30
Chapter 500 The Fastest Fatty2020-06-30
Chapter 499 The Needle Is Crooked Again2020-06-28
Chapter 498 Fat Brother Testing Needles2020-06-28
Chapter 497 You Will Be The Instructor2020-06-27
Chapter 496 Devil2020-06-27
Chapter 495 I’m Going to Challenge2020-06-26
Chapter 494 Shut Up2020-06-26
Chapter 493 A Piece of Shit2020-06-26
Chapter 492 I Am His Contact2020-06-26
Chapter 491 Acquitted2020-06-25
Chapter 490 A Sea2020-06-25
Chapter 489 Hated By Both Men and God2020-06-24
Chapter 488 The Truth2020-06-24
Chapter 487 Three Rebellious Sons2020-06-23
Chapter 486 Paying A Visit2020-06-23
Chapter 485 A Belated Roommate2020-06-21
Chapter 484 Amazing Praise2020-06-21
Chapter 483 Compensation2020-06-21
Chapter 482 Miss Zhou’s Boyfriend2020-06-21
Chapter 481 The Proficiency and Honesty of Great Doctors2020-06-20
Chapter 480 Run for Class Monitor2020-06-20
Chapter 479 Gender Imbalance2020-06-18
Chapter 478 An Accident of the Breast Enhancement2020-06-18
Chapter 477 I’m Innocent2020-06-18
Chapter 476 Embarrassing Yogurt2020-06-18
Chapter 475 A Clutch on Destiny2020-06-16
Chapter 474 Breast Enhancement and Body Shaping Elixir2020-06-16
Chapter 473 Do You Prefer the Flat Version?2020-06-16
Chapter 4722020-06-16
Chapter 471 There Is Something Wrong With Your Chest2020-06-15
Chapter 470 I Will Get Even with You2020-06-15
Chapter 469 Evil Is Rewarded With Evil2020-06-14
Chapter 468 No One Believes the Truth2020-06-14
Chapter 467 New Roommates2020-06-14
Chapter 466 Sound of Nature2020-06-14
Chapter 465 Husband2020-06-14
Chapter 464 Counterfeit2020-06-14
Chapter 463 Play Until You Are Convinced2020-06-14
Chapter 462 The Granny Shot2020-06-14
Chapter 461 Do You Dare to Fight with Me One-on-One2020-06-14
Chapter 460 The Employer2020-06-14
Chapter 459 Registration of the New Students2020-06-14
Chapter 458 Master Doesn’t Allow Me to Say2020-06-14
Chapter 457 Deceive Oneself2020-06-14
Chapter 456 Special Hobby?2020-06-14
Chapter 455 Rent2020-06-04
Chapter 454 Pay a Visit to Make Amends2020-06-03
Chapter 453 Demolition2020-06-02
Chapter 452 Boss of the Boss2020-06-01
Chapter 451 Is This To Meet in Life or Death?2020-06-01
Chapter 450 Don’t Insult Others2020-05-30
Chapter 449 Defend Against Injustice2020-05-29
Chapter 448 Her Name Is Shihan2020-05-28
Chapter 447 Heming Teahouse2020-05-27
Chapter 446 A Big Business2020-05-26
Chapter 445 Defeat the Opponent by One Foot2020-05-25
Chapter 444 Coming on the Waves2020-05-24
Chapter 443 Iron Fist Arhat2020-05-23
Chapter 442 Hidden Secret Money?2020-05-22
Chapter 441 You Owe Me a Baby2020-05-21
Chapter 440 Jade King2020-05-20
Chapter 439 The Great Vengeance Must Be Fulfilled2020-05-19
Chapter 438 A One Billion Compensation2020-05-18
Chapter 437 So Unfair2020-05-17
Chapter 436 A Piece of Whetstone2020-05-16
Chapter 435 The Absolute Repression2020-05-15
Chapter 434 Counter Encirclement2020-05-14
Chapter 433 Anthony, the Big White Bear2020-05-13
Chapter 432 Locked With One Punch2020-05-12
Chapter 431 A Series Of Upsets2020-05-11
Chapter 430 Rookie Weak Chicken2020-05-10
Chapter 429 Black Fist Ring2020-05-09
Chapter 428 A Man Prefers Death to Humiliation?2020-05-08
Chapter 427 Fishing2020-05-07
Chapter 426 Fishing Bait2020-05-06
Chapter 425 Chicken Feed2020-05-06
Chapter 424 Super Moron?2020-05-04
Chapter 423 Husband, He Said You’re Small!2020-05-03
Chapter 422 Logic of a Child2020-05-02
Chapter 421 Cultivation Feels Too Low2020-05-01
Chapter 420 Jade Mine2020-04-30
Chapter 419 Yukime’s Past2020-04-29 Copyright 2016 - 2020