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The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad (Web Novel) - Chapter 500 The Fastest Fatty

Chapter 500 The Fastest Fatty

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Qin Haodong said with a smile, “Since everyone is so motivated, let’s run 10 kilometers, starting now.”

Thus, the morning exercise for the Chinese medicine practitioners class began. To the surprise of the other classes, the guys who had had a day off the first day took the initiative to increase the training menu to 10 kilometers.

The 510 dormitory, led by Fang Zhaoping, took the lead and rushed out first. The four of them had a very good stamina. Although it would be a bit difficult to run 10 kilometers, they would still be able to grit their teeth and complete it.

Fang Zhaoping and Zhang Zhichao ran at the front of the group. Zhang Zhichao said, “Boss, what do you think will happen to fatty and them later? Will they spit out their lungs?”

Fang Zhaoping said with a smile, “Spitting out their lungs is impossible, but they will definitely bite their tongues. Especially that fatty, he will probably spit out blood soon.”

Zhang Zhichao said, “Boss, I heard that when you were in high school, the school’s 10 kilometer record was yours.”

Fang Zhaoping said proudly, “It was mine in the past. I think it will still be mine in the future. After all, my record was so amazing that it will remain for the next ten years…”

Zhang Zhichao said with flattery, “Boss, you are so modest. I think ten years is too short. I think no one will be able to break your record for a few decades.”

While they were talking, a shadow suddenly went past them and quickly went to the front.

Fang Zhaoping was startled. It was Tian Boguang from the 508 dormitory who had passed them, not someone from the 510 dormitory.

“This bastard. He dares to surpass us. Let’s quickly catch up!”

With that, Fang Zhaoping sped up with Zhang Zhichao and chased after Tian Boguang in front of them.

However, the faster they went, the more Tian Boguang sped up. The lead became wider and wider. Right at that moment, another shadow passed them. It was Dai Hongbing from the 508 dormitory.

“Shit. What’s with these two brats? Did they drink petrol? Why are they running so fast?”

The two of them were dumbfounded. They started to be out of breath from keeping the sprinting pace.

Suddenly they felt the ground under their feet shake. Immediately after, Zhi Fubao’s huge body caught up to them. Although the effect of losing weight yesterday was good, his weight was still more than 200 kilograms. Due to the fast running, the ground made a dull pounding sound. It was as if an elephant were running.

“Say, what’s with you two? Why are you running so slow?”

Zhi Fubao looked at them playfully, “Just like a woman with small feet. I, fat brother, don’t have time to play with you. I’ll go ahead first.”

With that, he sped up and ran after Tian Boguang and Dai Hongbing.

Firstly he lost 20 kilograms thanks to the Magical Plum Blossom Acupuncture, then later he ate the Physique-Improving Pill. The current Zhi Fubao had endless strength. He was able to run easily and effortlessly. He became the focus of the entire training ground for a period of time.

“Oh my god. Look everyone. How is that fatty running so fast? He is the fastest fatty I have ever seen.”

“That’s right. Just by looking at him, I think he should weigh at least 200 kilograms, right? He looks like a pig… how is he able to run faster than a rabbit?”

“This world is too crazy. The fatty was able to surpass even me today. I don’t want to live anymore…”

Fang Zhaoping said fiercely, “What’s going on? How come these three brats are faster than me?”

Zhang Zhichao said, “Boss, don’t worry. I think they will only have energy at the beginning. Soon, they won’t be able to run anymore.”

Fang Zhaoping did not speak. It seemed like he agreed with Zhang Zhichao’s statement. However, after they had ran more than a dozen laps, the distance between Zhi Fubao’s group and them grew apart. There were also no signs of them getting tired. On the contrary, Zhi Fubao’s group ran faster and faster. It became easier the more they ran.

“These bastards!”

Looking at their backs, Fang Zhaoping gritted his teeth with hatred. His chest felt like it was on fire because of running too fast. He felt as if he were about to vomit blood.

At that moment, another set of messy footsteps sounded behind him, along with the sound of girls playfully talking to each other.

“Who is it? Apart from these three animals, who else can run so fast?”

Fang Zhaoping turned his head to look. He saw the four girls from his class holding hands while running at a relaxed pace. They started to pass him while they chatted.

As they passed by, Li Meiyu looked at Fang Zhaoping’s group with disdain, “Such a big man is running so slowly. Isn’t it shameful?”


He really wanted to vomit blood. What was going on? Even the ladies ran faster than him. Was it that the girls were running too fast, or was he running too slowly?

He had no idea that Su Hui and Li Meiyu had eaten Qin Haodong’s Physique-Improving Pill. Even though they were still ordinary people, their stamina was raised by a lot. They had strong muscles and their breathing was strong. Running was like a game to them.

As for Nalan Wushuang and Qi Waner, their breathing had not changed at all since they were both warriors at the Covert Power realm.

The four girls ran farther and farther away in front of Fang Zhaoping and Zhang Zhichao’s desperate eyes.

Not long after, Zhi Fubao’s group had already run one more lap than Fang Zhaoping and Zhang Zhichao. When they were passed a second time, Zhi Fubao’s group was even singing.

“Two stupid pigs, they run very slow, they run very slow. One had its tongue stuck out; one had its mouth open. So ugly, so ugly…”


Fang Zhaoping almost spat out blood from anger. Wasn’t that the song, ‘Two Tigers’? How come it had become two stupid pigs in their mouths? Were they going to let people live or not?

However, the training ground depended on people’s strength. No matter how angry they were and how much they accelerated, they still fell further and further behind Zhi Fubao’s group.

After running for a little while longer, because this was not a compulsory training, the other classmates slowly stopped running. Only four students from the 510 dormitory and three from the 508 dormitory remained.

Even though it was a competition between the two dormitories, there was no suspense at all. The difference in strength was too wide. Fang Zhaoping and his roommates barely made it while Zhi Fubao, Tian Boguang and Dai Hongbing had already rested for a long time already at the finish line. They were so tired that they were breathless and sweating a lot. They almost spit out their tongues.

“Why are you pretending? If you don’t have the ability, then don’t provoke others. You guys are as tired as dogs, and you even have to make us suffer with you…”

“That’s right. If it wasn’t for the 510 dormitory feeling so proud of themselves, the instructor might have only told us to run one kilometer…”

“See? This is what you call overconfident. Those guys from the 510 dormitory are overconfident. It’s so humiliating to challenge others with this level…”

Although the other classmates had not run the entire 10 kilometers, they were extremely tired nonetheless. Therefore, their expressions were not good when they saw the four guys from the 508 dormitory.

Fang Zhaoping’s group kept looking at each other. They were suffocating to death as they supported each other on their way back to the dormitory.

However, their stamina was indeed good. They had basically recovered by the time they returned to the training ground after breakfast, except that they still looked a little pale.

The Chinese medicine practitioners class regrouped. Everyone looked at Qin Haodong with hopeful eyes. They hoped that the instructor would be lenient towards them and complete the military training as easily and happily as the first day.

In the end, they were disappointed. Qin Haodong gave the orders with a serious expression, “Gather, attention!

“The military training for the Chinese medicine practitioner class has officially begun. Today’s first activity is standing in a military pose for one hour!”

Everyone was dumbfounded. Standing in a military pose for one hour was no joke. However, since the order had been given, everyone could only carry it out.

Fang Zhaoping’s group glanced at each other. They saw pride in their eyes.

Although they had been defeated in stamina in the morning, military training was completely different. They had attended military training camps before and had a certain foundation in military training. Although they weren’t as good as regular soldiers, they were much better than those trainees.

Especially when they saw Zhi Fubao’s group standing in front of them, Fang Zhaoping thought, “I will surely win this time.”

Qin Haodong had studied during the whole previous day and had completely mastered the essentials of being an instructor. As the Emperor Green Wood, he had his own unique training method.

He walked up to Zhi Fubao first to correct his military posture.

“Chest up and raise your head. Look ahead and tuck in your butt a bit more. Raise your chest a little more and tuck your belly in…”

What was different from ordinary instructions and orders was that Qin Haodong’s had a powerful Spirit, which could see every one of Zhi Fubao’s muscles. Qin Haodong could accurately guide Zhi Fubao, telling him which muscle to relax and which muscles to tighten.

Therefore, in less than a minute, Zhi Fubao had undergone an earth-shattering change. He went from being loose and bent to being as straight as a javelin. Even the military posture of regular soldiers could not be compared to his.

If Yan Feiyu were still there, his chin would definitely drop from the shock. Being able to turn a soldier into this in such a short period of time could definitely be called a miracle.

Zhi Fubao stood in the first row. Fang Zhaoping’s group of four stood in the second row. They were all dumbfounded after seeing Zhi Fubao’s change.

the situation had been reversed in just one minute. In contrast, Zhi Fubao was more like an experienced soldier, whereas the military posture and aura from Fang Zhaoping’s group was much worse.

Qin Haodong ignored their expressions. After guiding Zhi Fubao, he went on to guide Tian Boguang, followed by Dai Hongbing.

Under his step by step guidance, the students of the Chinese medicine practitioners class changed from being loose and bent soldiers to being tall and straight soldiers. In terms of military posture, no team in the entire training ground could compare with them. Only well-trained army soldiers could probably do it.

Very quickly, Qin Haodong arrived at the last row, where the four girls stood.

Nalan Wushuang grew up with her grandpa Nalan Jie, so she was half a soldier. She was all too familiar with the military posture. Her posture was so accurate that it was hard to find any flaws.

Originally, following her lead, the other three girls also stood with a good posture. However, when Qin Haodong approached them, Qi Waner suddenly relaxed and said, “Instructor, I haven’t yet grasped the main points of the standing military posture. Could you teach me how to raise my chest and lift my butt?”


Qin Haodong realized that this girl was deliberately looking for trouble.

However, there was nothing he could do. They were pretending not to know each other; thus he could only patiently guide Qi Waner.

Qi Waner lifted the corners of her mouth as she smiled playfully and said, “Instructor, I still don’t know how to lift my butt. Can you give me a push with your hands?”

Black lines appeared on Qin Haodong’s forehead as he felt awkward. This girl’s antics were getting out of hand. She was obviously teasing him.

Li Meiyu, who stood next to them, unknowingly felt uncomfortable when she saw Qi Waner tease Qin Haodong. So, she also relaxed her body and yelled, “Reporting instructor. I also don’t know how to raise my chest and lift my butt. Please give me a hands-on guidance.”

“Oh my God. Lifting the butt is fine, but they also want a hands-on guidance to straighten their chests? Aren’t these two girls looking for trouble? But I can’t fight back.”

Suddenly, his heart moved. He pulled out a silver needle from his pocket, then waved it in front of Qi Waner and said, “Actually, lifting your butt is easy. I just need to prick your butt with this needle, then you will be able to immediately do it.”

“Reporting instructor. I already know how to do it.”

Qi Waner glared at Qin Haodong, then her posture returned to a normal.

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