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The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad (Web Novel) - Chapter 501 Poaching a Stronghold

Chapter 501 Poaching a Stronghold

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Qin Haodong laughed as he turned his head to look at Li Meiyu, “Classmate, do you have any more questions?”

Li Meiyu simply glared at him, “No, I don’t.”

After she spoke, her already towering chest was protruding even more.

Qin Haodong took a glance and secretly swallowed his saliva. This girl had grown another size after eating the Breast Enhancement and Body Shaping Elixir… She should be a D-cup by then.

Around half an hour later, everyone’s military postures in the Chinese Medicine Practitioners’ class had greatly improved under Qin Haodong’s hand-to-hand guidance. Even though they didn’t have the murderous air of soldiers, their overall formation didn’t look any weaker than the soldiers of a regular army.

After practicing the military posture, they would follow the next steps: standing at attention, at ease, turning left and turning right, marching, and other military drills. All the students were swiftly improving under Qin Haodong’s special training methods.

By the afternoon, it was nearly impossible to see the superiority Fang Zhaoping’s group used to have; the overall movements of the Chinese Medicine Practitioners’ class were uniform, exuding a powerful aura. They had become the most dazzling team on the entire training ground.

Hou Wenbin and Duan Bailian arrived in front of the Chinese Medicine Practitioners’ class. Duan Bailian looked at them for a while, and then said with a sigh, “I, Old Duan, am truly impressed. What Yan Feiyu said was the truth. He would have been unable to increase all the student’s abilities this much in such a short period of time. Even I can’t make that claim.”

Hou Wenbin smiled with pride. Originally, he was worried that after the instructor left, Qin Haodong would be unable to lead the team. However, it seemed like he was unnecessarily worrying about it. Qin Haodong’s abilities had indeed exceeded his expectations.

Duan Bailian took two steps forward and said to Qin Haodong, “Little classmate Qin, a lot of college students nowadays have joined the army. Are you interested?

“With your qualities, I can guarantee that you will soon become the Soldier King of this generation and become a legend in the army.”

After hearing him, Hou Wenbin immediately became anxious as he cried out, “I say, Old Duan, isn’t it too insincere to poach the stronghold of the Medical College right in front of me?”

Duan Bailian explained, “He’s a rare genius. I just think that with Little student Qin’s qualities, it would be a true shame if he didn’t join the army. He will be able to make greater contributions to the country if he becomes one of us.”

Hou Wenbin exclaimed with dissatisfaction, “What are you talking about? “He can also attain great achievements in our Medical College. Being a doctor can save lives and contribute to the country. Why does he have to join your army?”

While looking at the two of them arguing with each other, Qin Haodong smiled slightly, “Battalion Commander Duan, I thank you for your kindness. But rather than joining the army, I’m more interested in becoming a doctor.”

Hearing him say this, Hou Wenbin immediately laughed. “Old Duan, see? “It’s not that easy to poach the stronghold of the Medical College.”

“Such a shame.” Duan Bailian shook his head regretfully, however, he still didn’t relent. “Contact me immediately if you have any thoughts about joining the army in the future. I promise I can provide you with the best resources and team.”

Qin Haodong nodded with a slight smile. “Battalion commander, if that day arrives, I will definitely contact you.”

Once he saw that Duan Bailian had yet to give up on his star student, Hou Wenbin immediately pulled him away as he warily looked at the other groups, afraid that they would try and manage to actually poach Qin Haodong away.

The Chinese Medicine Practitioners’ class continued their training. The main activity they had to do in the afternoon was strength training.

Currently, Qin Haodong had accumulated quite a high amount of prestige in his classmates’ hearts; the respect they had for him was no less than a regular instructor’s.

“The next thing you need to do will be push-ups. Everyone has to do 300; otherwise, you won’t be allowed to rest.”

Hearing the task, quite a few faces showed bitter expressions. Most of them were unable to do 10; how would they manage doing 300?

However, the order had been given, so they could only follow it. Everyone got in position and started their arduous push-ups’ journey.

The four students from dormitory 510 looked at each other. They had lost in stamina, and they didn’t have an advantage in military skills. If they wanted to win against the 508 dormitory, then strength was their final card.

“Let’s do this, brothers. Let’s bring out our strength!”

After a low cry, Fang Zhaoping got down and began to do his push-ups. It had to be said that this guy’s physical quality was very good. He did 80 in one breath.

Even though Zhang Zhichao, Wang Haiqiang and their dormitory brother were a little bit weaker, their performance was still eye-catching. They did around 30 to 40 push-ups.

But when they lifted their heads; they were shocked to find Zhi Fubao, Tian Boguang and Dai Hongbing still on the ground going up and down. Although they weren’t as strong as Qin Haodong, they were still a lot more relaxed than Fang Zhaoping’s group.


Tian Boguang completed 300 push-ups first. Although they weren’t done in one go, however he was still able to easily complete the task.

Afterwards, Dai Hongbing and Zhi Fubao also quickly finished 300 push-ups. They had eaten a Physique-Improving Pill, so their strength was greatly increased. Completing those push-ups was easy.

Even Nalan Wushuang and the other three girls next to them had also quickly completed this task.

Fang Zhaoping was dumbfounded. He was the strongest in the 510 dormitory, but he had only completed 150 push-ups.

The most important thing was that his strength was almost exhausted. His chest kept going up and down violently, and his arms were shaking. It was pretty much impossible to reach the ultimate goal of 300 push-ups, let alone do them as easily as Zhi Fubao’s group.

How was this possible? Why did this happen?

Fang Zhaoping’s eyes were filled with despair. Their dormitory had failed this challenge. They had failed in such an ugly way that they couldn’t even get angry.

After Fang Zhaoping calmed down, he noticed that from the beginning of the training to that moment, only those close to Qin Haodong were able to complete this task. Not to mention the 508 dormitory, even Li Meiyu and the other three girls also appeared to be stronger than him. What was going on?

Although the 508 dormitory had defeated the 510 dormitory in the end, their performance was still considered amazing among all the students. The state of the other students was even worse.

After more than half a day of training, their stamina had been almost exhausted. Coupled with those high-intensity push-ups, very few of them were able to do ten.

A lot of students were lying on the ground gasping for air after only doing a couple of push-ups. 300 was impossible for them to complete.

Qin Haodong walked towards a classmate who was lying on the ground gasping for air. His name was Wang Xiaoming. He had just used all his strength, but was only able to do eight push-ups.

After seeing Qin Haodong, Wang Xiaoming said with embarrassment, “Instructor, I really can’t do any more. Even if you kill me, I won’t be able to do 300.”

Qin Haodong smiled, “I don’t need to kill you. I will help you relax your muscles. You can definitely do it.”

With that, he placed his hands on Wang Xiaoming’s back, then used a massage technique to help him.

Every muscle in Wang Xiaoming’s body was moisturized by the Green Wood Genuine Qi and Qin Haodong’s unique massage technique. After a few movements, Wang Xiaoming’s fatigue was gone. He had just been extremely tired moments before, but he was suddenly full of strength after that.

“Instructor, let me try again!”

After Wang Xiaoming spoke, he once again got down on the ground and started to do push-ups.

He had shed his fatigue and was full of vigor. His body continued to go up and down and it was full of explosive power.

He had done eight push-ups during the first round. Just then, he had done 50 in a row after Qin Haodong’s massage. Although he was still unable to complete 300, he would definitely complete the task after doing a few more rounds.

“Instructor, what did you do?”

Wang Xiaoming looked at Qin Haodong with admiration in his eyes. He obviously felt that it was because of Qin Haodong’s massage, not his strength.

“It’s nothing, just some massage technique passed down in the family.”

With that, he started to massage another student next to Wang Xiaoming.

The Green Wood Genuine Qi’s effect was indeed magical. Under its nourishment, the strength of the students who had been massaged was greatly improved. Originally, they could only complete seven or eight push-ups in one go. After the treatment, they were able to do 70 to 80 at a time. It was unbelievable, but it really was happening.

After discovering the magic of Qin Haodong’s technique, the students rushed to him for a massage.

Looking at the lively scene taking place, Qi Waner smiled and said, “Had I known this was going to happen, we should have dawdled to later enjoy this guy’s massaging services. But now, we don’t have this opportunity.”

Li Meiyu immediately thought about the time Qin Haodong massaged her feet. For no reason, her cheeks suddenly became hot.

“Boss, I can’t do it anymore. I don’t have any strength left.”

Li Guojun’s stamina was the worst. He barely managed 150 push-ups before he sprawled on the ground like a dog, gasping for air. All he was missing was to have his tongue sticking out.

After taking a few more heaving breaths, he looked hesitantly at Fang Zhaoping and said, “Boss, why don’t we also go to the instructor for a massage? The results of the other students are very good thanks to this. Half of them have already finished the 300 push-ups and they still look lively.”

Fang Zhaoping’s expression darkened. Everyone knew that the 510 dormitory and the 508 dormitory were at odds. If they went to Qin Haodong for a massage, it would meant they were bowing their heads and admitting defeat.

Wang Haiqiang continued to say, “Boss, we already lost this competition. There’s no need to force ourselves to continue any longer.

“The most important thing now is to improve our strength. I think it’s fine if we go and get a massage. We’re all classmates. Why do we need to make ourselves into enemies?”

The two of them were originally against Qin Haodong because of Fang Zhaoping. After a day’s training, they had been completely convinced by Qin Haodong, so the hostility they previously had was gone.

Fang Zhaoping sighed but remained silent. Li Guojun and Wang Haiqiang didn’t ask for his advice anymore and went directly to Qin Haodong to receive a massage.

Originally, they had felt a little uneasy, afraid that Qin Haodong would mock them and refuse to give them a massage.

However, they soon noticed that Qin Haodong treated them equally, without any kind of discrimination. They were relieved after noticing that he looked at them the same as the other students.

In reality, those two were over-thinking things. How could the dignified Emperor Green Wood put them in his eyes? With their abilities, they weren’t even qualified to be Qin Haodong’s opponents.

After the massage, the two of them immediately felt strength surging in their bodies. They completed the rest of the task after two to three rounds.

Zhang Zhichao barely managed 200 push-ups. He had no strength to continue and felt his body was going to fall apart.

He looked at Fang Zhaoping and said with hesitation, “Boss, I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I give up.

“Yesterday I was unwilling to submit because I thought his punch was a sneak attack. But now, I realize that wasn’t the case. He was holding back.

“We’re not on the same level at all; Qin Haodong is much stronger than us. I can’t compare even if I wanted to. Let’s just stop this.”

Fang Zhaoping looked at him and said, “You also want to go over there, right?”

Zhang Zhichao nodded, “I think Qiangzi is right. We are all classmates, so we don’t need to go this far.”

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