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The Divine Martial Stars (Web Novel)


The world is about to be destroyed to make way for an interstellar transmission array formation. A young man journeys through the stars to save his home. A bloody fantasy adventure.

568 • 2019-09-08 09:33:58


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 488 The Measure of Immortals2020-07-09
Chapter 487 Qinling Heaven2020-07-09
Chapter 486 You Wait and See If You Have the Nerve2020-07-09
Chapter 485 Taking up the Broadsword to Protect Those in Need2020-07-09
Chapter 484 The Shock of All Parties on Earth2020-07-09
Chapter 483 A Quiet Departure after the Work Is Done2020-07-09
Chapter 482 The One She Had Been Waiting for2020-07-07
Chapter 481 The Way Back to Home2020-07-07
Chapter 480 Thirty-Nine Light Years2020-07-07
Chapter 479 Asking One What is Love Supposed to Be?2020-07-07
Chapter 478 Heavenly Medical Faerie2020-07-01
Chapter 477 Visitors from the Mountain2020-06-29
Chapter 476 Three More2020-06-28
Chapter 475 Two Heads2020-06-27
Chapter 474 The Servant in the Knife Hut2020-06-26
Chapter 473 Is He Scared?2020-06-26
Chapter 472 The Void-breaking Realm2020-06-25
Chapter 471 Punishment2020-06-24
Chapter 470 The End of the Tomb of the God of Sin2020-06-23
Chapter 469 The Arrival of the Dragon Beast2020-06-21
Chapter 468 God of War2020-06-21
Chapter 467 The True Meaning of Knife-Using Methods2020-06-20
Chapter 466 Squaring Accounts One by One2020-06-18
Chapter 465 Annihilation2020-06-18
Chapter 464 A Forceful Turn of Events2020-06-16
Chapter 463 Immortals’ Battle2020-06-16
Chapter 462 Am I Competent?2020-06-15
Chapter 461 A Spent Arrow2020-06-14
Chapter 460 Who Answers, Who Dies2020-06-14
Chapter 459 Who Is the Next?2020-06-14
Chapter 458 Sinners2020-06-14
Chapter 457 Falling Out2020-06-14
Chapter 456 Formation Inheritance2020-06-14
Chapter 455 Light Butcher?2020-06-14
Chapter 454 Unprecedented and Great Medicine2020-06-14
Chapter 453 Bright Saint Being2020-06-14
Chapter 452 Suffer a Lot2020-06-04
Chapter 451 If You Are Not Afraid of Death, Come and Chase Me2020-06-03
Chapter 450 Secret Land of Magical Power2020-06-02
Chapter 449 Bet All on a Single Venture2020-06-01
Chapter 448 Two Options2020-06-01
Chapter 447 Getting Rich2020-05-30
Chapter 446 You Think You’ve Killed Me?2020-05-29
Chapter 445 Li Mu Arrives2020-05-28
Chapter 444 Trouble Is Brewing2020-05-27
Chapter 443 Wrath from Heaven2020-05-26
Chapter 442 Ginseng Fruits2020-05-25
Chapter 441 Five Villages Temple2020-05-24
Chapter 440 Counterattack2020-05-23
Chapter 439 Taking Off the Golden Hoop2020-05-22
Chapter 438 A Robbery2020-05-21
Chapter 437 Servant2020-05-20
Chapter 436 He Is a Master2020-05-19
Chapter 435 Why Didn’t You Tell Me Sooner?2020-05-18
Chapter 434 Southern Sky Gate2020-05-17
Chapter 433 Inside the Tomb of the God of Sin2020-05-16
Chapter 432 Love Confession2020-05-15
Chapter 431 I’m a Reasonable Man2020-05-14
Chapter 430 Overwhelming the World2020-05-13
Chapter 429 The God of Broadswords2020-05-12
Chapter 428 Sweeping Away and Destroying2020-05-11
Chapter 427 Can’t Withstand a Single Blow2020-05-10
Chapter 426 Control the Life2020-05-09
Chapter 425 Argue Irrationally2020-05-08
Chapter 424 (Part II) An Eye For an Eye2020-05-07
Chapter 423 (Part I) Breaking the Devil Inside & Early Ascending to Heaven2020-05-06
Chapter 422 Igniting the Powder Keg2020-05-06
Chapter 421 The Devil Inside2020-05-04
Chapter 420 Committing Murder Through the Hands of Another2020-05-03
Chapter 419 The Top One in the World2020-05-02
Chapter 418 Invincible Fist2020-05-01
Chapter 417 Go to Hell2020-04-30
Chapter 416 Fighting against the Emperor of the Qin Dynasty (2)2020-04-29
Chapter 415 Fighting against the Emperor of the Qin Dynasty (1)2020-04-28
Chapter 414 Ode to the Gallant2020-04-27
Chapter 413 The Number One Expert2020-04-27
Chapter 412 Having Waited for One Thousand Years2020-04-27
Chapter 411 Tomb of The God of Sin2020-04-27
Chapter 410 Broadsword Pellet2020-04-23
Chapter 409 Deadly Pursuit2020-04-22
Chapter 408 Odd Events2020-04-21
Chapter 407 The Blood Sea Is Coming2020-04-20
Chapter 406 Purple-thunder Pupil2020-04-19
Chapter 405 Get Back2020-04-18
Chapter 404 Revealing His Power2020-04-17
Chapter 403 A Big Surprise2020-04-16
Chapter 402 The Invincible Broadsword2020-04-15
Chapter 401 Li Mu’s Strike2020-04-14
Chapter 400 The Outfit Made of Human Skin2020-04-13
Chapter 399 I Am Here to Be Grand Master2020-04-12
Chapter 398 A Seeming Old Acquaintance Is Coming Back2020-04-11
Chapter 397 The Hero and the Mole2020-04-10
Chapter 396 Beggar Gang Conference2020-04-09
Chapter 395 Registered Disciple2020-04-08
Chapter 394 Natural Way2020-04-07
Chapter 393 Natural Invisible Broken Sword Intent2020-04-06
Chapter 392 You Have Gained Some Weight2020-04-05
Chapter 391 The Campus Belle Was Worth Less Than a Dog?2020-04-04
Chapter 390 He Is Annoying2020-04-03
Chapter 389 My Name Is Li Mu2020-04-02 Copyright 2016 - 2020