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Throne of Magical Arcana (Web Novel)


An ordinary young man on earth, Xia Feng, traveled to a world of sword and magic, and took the body of Lucien Evans, another ordinary young man.

Seemingly this was a world of traditional western fantasy, yet he discovered the astonishing similarities between the earth and this world, and between science and the so-called arcane magic…

“Knowledge is power”? Soul, magic, quantum, Theory of Relativity, cognitive world, music and real world……

What was the true nature of that world?

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 825: Shadow2020-07-09
Chapter 824: 61 Days to Go (Side Story: Year 24 of the Arcana Calendar)2020-07-09
Chapter 823: Path of Immortality (End of the Main Storyline)2020-07-08
Chapter 822: The Poorest Villain in History2020-07-08
Chapter 821: Level and Power2020-07-07
Chapter 820: The Boundary Between God and Men (2 in 1)2020-07-07
Chapter 819: Return2020-07-06
Chapter 818: Screams2020-07-06
Chapter 817: Back Against Back2020-07-05
Chapter 816: Confirmation2020-07-05
Chapter 815: Get the Situation Under Control2020-07-04
Chapter 814: Plan of the Devils2020-07-04
Chapter 813: Mayhem2020-07-03
Chapter 812: Blockage2020-07-03
Chapter 811: The “Real” Viken2020-07-03
Chapter 810: Heart and Trace2020-07-03
Chapter 809:2020-07-03
Chapter 808: The Devils2020-07-02
Chapter 807: The Stellar Core2020-07-02
Chapter 806: Secret Mission2020-07-01
Chapter 805: The Primeval Hell2020-07-01
Chapter 804: Let’s Take What We Need2020-06-30
Chapter 803: The Town in Hell2020-06-30
Chapter 802: The Afterworld2020-06-29
Chapter 801: New Messenger2020-06-29
Chapter 800: Notoriety2020-06-28
Chapter 799: The Worldview Destroyer2020-06-28
Chapter 798: The Quantum Eraser Experiment2020-06-27
Chapter 797: Audience2020-06-27
Chapter 796: Congratulation and Proposal2020-06-26
Chapter 795: Outburst2020-06-26
Chapter 794: Proud2020-06-25
Chapter 793: Rise and Decline2020-06-25
Chapter 792: Nightfall2020-06-24
Chapter 791: Saboteurs2020-06-24
Chapter 790: Snooping2020-06-24
Chapter 789: Discovery2020-06-24
Chapter 788: Entrusting and Scheming2020-06-22
Chapter 787: Incessant2020-06-22
Chapter 786: Journey of Discovery2020-06-21
Chapter 785: Distant View2020-06-21
Chapter 784: Commencement of the Revolution of Energy and Information2020-06-20
Chapter 783: A Year Later2020-06-20
Chapter 782: The Age of Mythology2020-06-19
Chapter 781: Sending Away “Politely”2020-06-19
Chapter 780: The Silver Moon’s Announcement2020-06-18
Chapter 779: Attack2020-06-18
Chapter 778: Revelation2020-06-17
Chapter 777: Jungle of Demons2020-06-17
Chapter 776: Investigators2020-06-16
Chapter 775: The First2020-06-16
Chapter 774: Disaster Bringer2020-06-15
Chapter 773: Weird Invitation2020-06-15
Chapter 772: Confrontation2020-06-14
Chapter 771: Daily Life of the Dark Mountain Range2020-06-14
Chapter 770: Revisit2020-06-13
Chapter 769: The Birth of a Custom2020-06-13
Chapter 768: Douglas’ Decision2020-06-12
Chapter 767: Two Suns in the Sky2020-06-12
Chapter 766: The Discovery2020-06-11
Chapter 765: The New Vacuum Model2020-06-11
Chapter 764: Prepare the Confirmation2020-06-10
Chapter 763: Eternal Interests2020-06-10
Chapter 762: Cunningness2020-06-09
Chapter 761: Medium of Cast (2 in 1)2020-06-09
Chapter 760: Greed Is the Sin2020-06-08
Chapter 759: Ocean Emperor2020-06-08
Chapter 758: Underground Master2020-06-07
Chapter 757: Bottom of the Ocean2020-06-07
Chapter 756: The Battle Half a Month Ago2020-06-06
Chapter 755: The Song of Mermaids2020-06-06
Chapter 754: The Blue Gate2020-06-05
Chapter 753: The City in the Sky in the Letter2020-06-05
Chapter 752: A Millennial Pursuit2020-06-04
Chapter 751: Prophecy of New Particles2020-06-04
Chapter 750: Special Prize2020-06-03
Chapter 749: The More Essential, the Simpler?2020-06-03
Chapter 748: Rise of Space Exploration2020-06-02
Chapter 747: Romance of Arcana Studies2020-06-02
Chapter 746: Lucien’s Mysterious Experiment2020-06-01
Chapter 745: Quick Solution2020-06-01
Chapter 744: A Standard Villain2020-05-31
Chapter 743: Irresistible Temptation2020-05-31
Chapter 742: Righteous Lucien2020-05-30
Chapter 741: The Way to Polish the Blood Power2020-05-30
Chapter 740: The Original Meeting of the Grand Cardinals2020-05-29
Chapter 739: The Future Is Bright2020-05-29
Chapter 738: In Vain2020-05-28
Chapter 737: Punishment of the God2020-05-28
Chapter 736: Meteor Shower2020-05-27
Chapter 735: Arrival of Chaos2020-05-27
Chapter 734: The Pope’s Senses2020-05-26
Chapter 733: Rentato, Such a Dangerous Place!2020-05-26
Chapter 732: Misfortunes Never Come Singly2020-05-25
Chapter 731: Nasdell in Rentato2020-05-25
Chapter 730: The Investigator2020-05-24
Chapter 729: “Aircraft”2020-05-24
Chapter 728: Behind the Back2020-05-23
Chapter 727: The Church’s Thoughts2020-05-23
Chapter 726: Difference Choices in the Great Age2020-05-22 Copyright 2016 - 2020