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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 757: Fighting With Sorcery (2)

Chapter 757: Fighting With Sorcery (2)

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“Oh, no! It’s a sacred-level sorcery! Duan Muxi had been serious with his powers!” Seeing the huge ball of light, the burly man could feel his heart in his mouth instantly.

Within an instant, Duan Muxi could already cast a sacred-level sorcery. This level of talent in sorcery was completely unbelievable.

It had to be known that a sacred-level sorcery could kill ten thousands of demon soldiers in an instant!

The devastating powers of the attack could destroy not just Ji Fengyan, but also all living things around her!

It was too late for the little old man and the burly man to escape now. Previously, they had enjoyed their time killing their way through but now they only felt like crying…

Duan Muxi raised his magic staff high up and the light ball above it was like a miniature sun floating in midair, causing the entire palace to be lit up by the white light.

“It is an honour for you to die under a sacred-level sorcery.” Duan Muxi’s tone was absolutely complacent.

After he said that, he waved his magic staff gently and then directed the light ball that had accumulated magical powers into the sky.

The instant the magic light ball flew into the air, it turned to nothing and light rays turned into light arrows. They were suspended in the air and covered the sky, just like the sun.

“Holy Light Arrow? Master Duan Mu has really put in a lot of effort this time.” Master Yue, after seeing the countless light arrows suspended above Ji Fengyan and the others, could not help but shake his head.

The Holy Light Arrow that Duan Muxi had used was a sacred-level light-based sorcery. It was highly a highly damaging and ruthless light-based sorcery and had additional damage on all darkness and evil creatures. Any living thing that was pierced by the Holy Light Arrow would not only be unable to speak, they would also be cleansed instantly and turned into ashes.

Master Yue did not think that Duan Muxi would use such a powerful sacred-level sorcery right off the bat and could not help but pity Ji Fengyan. It was obvious that Duan Muxi was displeased with Ji Fengyan, otherwise he would not have directly used a sacred-level sorcery.

Ji Fengyan lifted his head slightly and looked at the light arrows above her head, but her eyes did not show any fear. She raised her brows slightly and looked at Duan Muxi, who was holding his magic staff high up, then said, “A sacred-level sorcery? I shall see how powerful your powers are.”

Ji Fengyan’s nonchalant tone made Duan Muxi’s gaze flash with despise. He scoffed and suddenly shot out the Holy Light Arrow.

“A brat who does not know her limits. Very well, I shall allow you to see how powerful a sacred-level sorcery is!”

Just right after Duan Muxi said that, the countless Holy Light Arrows showered down from the sky!

The light arrows turned into light rays instantly and shot down like lightning!

The little old man and the burly man’s facial expressions were ashened.

They were dead, now they were completely gone for!

However, just when everyone was scared out of the wits by the sacred-level sorcery, Ji Fengyan, who was sitting on the back of the stone statue suddenly took out three pieces of talisman from the Space Soul Jade. Using two fingers to hold them and the other hand holding the evil-crushing sword upright, she cut the talisman with the sword and opened her lips to speak.

“With the power of yin and yang, change heaven and earth!”

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