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List Novels (Oneshot) 207 Results
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This tag is only to be used for novels with one chapter that consists of its beginning and its ending in its RAW form, even if the translators decide to separate the oneshot into parts. This tag should not be confused with Short Story tag or Collection of Short Stories tag.

# Novel Type Year Chapters
38910PM Door-to-Door SalesWeb Novel2016Oneshot
390A Daughter’s HatredPublished Novel2015Completed(2)
121A Game To Make Him FallWeb Novel2016Oneshot
391A Genius Bokukko’s Stress Reducing Method.Web Novel2016Completed(2)
1452A Shocking Terrifying Short StoryWeb Novel2017Oneshot
1437A Weasel Pays a New Year’s Visit to a ChickenWeb NovelN/AOneshot
83About the Reckless Girl Who Kept Challenging a Reborn Man Like MeWeb Novel2017Oneshot
513Absolute Happiness☆HeroineWeb Novel2015Oneshot
847After Parting Ways, A ReunionWeb Novel2015Oneshot
512After Plastic SurgeryWeb NovelN/AOneshot
1422After being Reincarnated as a Villainess, I Only Want You to be Happy.Web Novel2020Oneshot
851All The Way NorthWeb Novel2010Oneshot
511Although I Was Summoned as a Scapegoat, I’m HappyWeb Novel2015Oneshot
510Although I Was Summoned as a Scapegoat, I’m Happy ~ Sequel ~Web Novel2015Oneshot
514Altina X Overlord Special Collaboration BookletWeb Novel2013Oneshot
852An Appointment of a LifetimeWeb Novel2008Oneshot
509And so She Dreams of Another World ~ The Pure and the Unwoman ~Web Novel2017Oneshot
508Aru Okugata ga Rikon Shite Jiyu o Mankitsu Suru Made no HitorigotoWeb Novel2012Oneshot
507As a Result Of Attempting to Optimize Recovery Medicine to the Utmost, a New Dungeon was Made!Web Novel2018Oneshot
515Azalea no ShinzouWeb Novel2013Completed(11)
1402Beautiful Flowers have Insects. -Because My Fiance Seems to have a Lover, I will Stubbornly Reclaim Him-Web NovelN/AOneshot
209Because My Toilet Turned Into a Dungeon, Taking Care of My Business Has Become too DifficultWeb Novel2017Oneshot
506Becoming a Crossdressing Angel, I’ll Save the HeroWeb NovelN/AOneshot
505Bluebird, RedbirdWeb Novel2016Oneshot
1455Brought Down by the Villainess with One Impenetrable SkirtWeb Novel2020Oneshot
137But You Said You’d Give Me Delicious Candy!!Web Novel2015Oneshot
29By The River of Forgetfulness for Seven LifetimesWeb Novel2017Oneshot
212Checkmate Your HeartWeb Novel2012Oneshot
1440ConfessionWeb Novel2011Oneshot
1261Conqueror of HellWeb NovelN/AOneshot
504Convenient WomanWeb Novel2015Oneshot
503Conveying FeelingsWeb Novel2017Oneshot
89Coral of the MoonLight Novel2011Oneshot
1273DefectWeb NovelN/AOneshot
1420Demon MonkWeb NovelN/AOneshot
1429Depth ChargeWeb Novel2018Oneshot
502Diary of a MonkeyWeb NovelN/AOneshot
1403Discipline is the Most Important!Web NovelN/AOneshot
1451Do You Know the Limits!?Web Novel2015Oneshot
501Dragon Slaying RecordsWeb Novel2010Oneshot
1426Duke’s Daughter Will Not FallWeb Novel2016Oneshot
95EarphonesWeb NovelN/AOneshot
1475Engagement AnnihilationWeb Novel2020Oneshot
263Esoril’s DragonKorean Novel2009Oneshot
1445Fairy Tale of the Demon PrincessWeb Novel2015Oneshot
1262Flowers of Plants Cannot be Picked CasuallyWeb Novel2012Oneshot
500Gendou o Oboete Kudasai!Web Novel2015Oneshot
499Genjitsuda to Nishiki shi teru ShojoWeb Novel2014Completed(2)
865Ghost WifeWeb NovelN/AOneshot
498GrasshopperWeb Novel2017Oneshot
145Greetings of the UniverseLight Novel1977Oneshot
1424Hana ni wa Mitsu ga ArimasuWeb Novel2011Oneshot
497Hana ni wa Toge ga ArimasuWeb Novel2011Oneshot
496Heard I’m a HeroWeb Novel2012Oneshot
1409Hello. I am the Daughter of a Count, but My Fiance was Stolen, so I’ll Get Engaged to the Third Prince Instead. Yahoo!Web NovelN/AOneshot
1253Holy NightWeb Novel2016Oneshot
849How Do I Dominate the World?Web Novel2016Oneshot
286How Hurtful of the Maple LeavesWeb Novel2017Oneshot
1460How to Wake Up a Sleeping PrincessWeb NovelN/AOneshot
495Husband Bursting My Chrysanthemum Is Painful Enough To Die!Web NovelN/AOneshot
1427Hypnotising a Female Knight and Playing With HerWeb Novel2018Oneshot
1413I Became Involved With the Crown Prince’s Status Deprivation Plan but Before I Knew It, I Was Being LovedWeb Novel2020Oneshot
1412I Can’t Convey It in WordsWeb Novel2017Oneshot
493I Ended up as the Hero’s Mother After Reincarnating?! (Oneshot)Web Novel2011Oneshot
1419I Got Tired of Trying to Make the Prince Hate MeWeb Novel2020Oneshot
492I Have Reincarnated into「Welcome to the ○○ Town!」Townsperson A, But the Last Dungeon Was Right Around the CornerWeb Novel2014Oneshot
1431I Hypnotised the Cool Female ClerkWeb Novel2016Oneshot
1411I Just Acted for My Future with Him.Web Novel2017Oneshot
491I Love Her Too Much.Web Novel2014Oneshot
1434I Rescued A Collapsed Vampire On The Way Home, And She Turned Into A YandereWeb Novel2020Oneshot
490I Transferred to Another World and Became a Hero. It Looks like They Will Be Executing Me After I Defeated the Demon Lord Because I Am “No Longer Needed,” so I Will Ruin the Kingdom Through My Powers of “Domination”!Web Novel2019Oneshot
489I Want To Go See The Sea That Has YouWeb NovelN/AOneshot
1405I Want to BlowWeb Novel2012Oneshot
853I Want to Grow OldWeb Novel2015Oneshot
1263I Want to Sleep With You Web Novel2012Oneshot
1436I am a SlimeWeb Novel2019Oneshot
494I can see my HP and MP, so I went to the hospitalWeb NovelN/AOneshot
1444I’m What One would call the Heroine, but since None of Us Believe it I’m Already Thinking of WithdrawingWeb Novel2015Oneshot
488I’m the Otome Game’s Friend A, but I Decided to Resign from That Role and Instead Enjoy My Own LifeWeb Novel2014Oneshot
1407I’m the Rival Character, so I’ll Do My Best! ~ Wednesday’s Refreshing-kunWeb Novel2019Oneshot
1406I’m the Rival Character, so I’ll Do My Best! ~Thursday’s Frivolous-senpai~Web NovelN/AOneshot
1416I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Villainess, but I Wonder if I Can Avoid the Death Flag if I’ll be CarefulWeb Novel2020Oneshot
1408If It’s for My LadyWeb Novel2020Oneshot
392ImprisonedWeb Novel2015Oneshot
486Isekai Tensei no Shinjitsu ~Kami Shiten~Web Novel2016Oneshot
1438It Always Feels Like Someone is Trying to Steal the ConsignmentWeb NovelN/AOneshot
516It Might Be a HottieWeb Novel2006Oneshot
517It’s Because You Said There Would Be Candy!!Web Novel2014Oneshot
485It’s Not a Dog, That’s a DragonWeb Novel2017Oneshot
484It’s Valentine’s, Will You Rent Me?Web Novel2013Oneshot
483June BrideWeb Novel2011Oneshot
482Kami-sama ga MiteitaWeb Novel2017Oneshot
481Konyaki-haki sarete Me ga SamemashitaWeb Novel2015Oneshot
480Konyaku Haki o Iiwatasa Remashitaga Watashi wa Anata no Fiansede wa ArimasenWeb Novel2015Oneshot
479Konyakuhaki ni Zettai Kioku de TachimukauWeb Novel2016Oneshot
248Lament at Changmen PalaceChinese Novel2006Oneshot
850Life Is So LongWeb Novel2017Oneshot
1441Life-ChaserWeb NovelN/AOneshot
478Mahou no Kotoba Nante naiWeb Novel2017Oneshot
393Maria from Hell!Web Novel2017Oneshot
108Mary-chan’s DungeonWeb Novel2013Oneshot
160Me, a Hero? Not Possible!Web Novel2016Oneshot
73Mum, I Used to Hate YouWeb Novel2017Oneshot
1458My CEO Goes OoCWeb Novel2016Oneshot
221My HeroWeb Novel2017Oneshot
1250My Hundred Husbands and IWeb Novel2019Oneshot
1442My Master Raised Me to DeathWeb NovelN/AOneshot
477Nie YinniangChinese NovelN/AOneshot
1457Not a Heroine, Not a Villainess, I was Reincarnated as the Sister of the Knight Commander’s SonWeb Novel2017Oneshot
476Novice Adventurer Marle and the Slime RinWeb Novel2017Oneshot
475Of Card Games and BarbequesWeb Novel2017Oneshot
474Onee-chan Will Become a Hero, and Save the World!Web Novel2016Oneshot
473Otherwordly Kitty-Cat ~Reborn as a Cat~Web Novel2014Oneshot
472Otome Game ni Tensei Shita ga, Watashi wa Akuyaku ni Nari SugitaWeb Novel2014Oneshot
471Otome Gēmu no Akuyaku Demonai Reijō wa Fianse o Hitasura AisuruWeb Novel2015Oneshot
914Owaru Isekai no ArukikataWeb Novel2019Oneshot
470Peace and Equality in an Ideal WorldWeb Novel2016Oneshot
866PendantWeb NovelN/AOneshot
518Please Don’t Eat MeWeb NovelN/ACompleted(2)
1414Please Forgive MeWeb Novel2020Oneshot
1435PresenceWeb Novel2015Oneshot
859Private TutorWeb Novel2019Completed(2)
1410Pseudo Teacher x Morbidly Dark StudentWeb NovelN/AOneshot
519Psychopath Shimabara SeriesWeb NovelN/ACompleted(2)
469Rainy Day, To YouWeb Novel2019Oneshot
1421Reincarnated Daughter Wants to Enter the MonasteryWeb Novel2016Oneshot
520Revival/Return from the GraveWeb NovelN/AOneshot
521Rouged LipsVietnamese NovelN/AOneshot
522Secret PotionWeb Novel2015Oneshot
1459Seduced By a Married TeacherWeb Novel20191/43
468Seijo-sama ni Nante, Watashimasen!Web NovelN/AOneshot
523Seven LifetimesWeb Novel2009Oneshot
467She Will Be LovedWeb Novel2015Oneshot
1415Shining DarknessWeb NovelN/AOneshot
867SplitWeb NovelN/AOneshot
466Story of a Foolish Virgin and a DoctorWeb NovelN/AOneshot
524Su Wan’s Secret LoveWeb NovelN/ACompleted(2)
465Summer Advice For Dealing With MosquitoesWeb NovelN/AOneshot
464Sushi HaremWeb Novel2016Oneshot
463Suspicious People Settled Down in My Dungeon, but Could the Government Office Do Something About it?Web Novel2016Oneshot
462That One Time the Essay a Child Wrote over Summer Break was Way too FantasyWeb Novel2015Oneshot
461That One Time the Essay a Child Wrote over Winter Break was Way too Sci-FiWeb Novel2015Oneshot
460The 8th Day’s Good MorningWeb Novel2015Oneshot
271The Bird of Good & EvilWeb Novel2017Oneshot
459The Cat and the DragonWeb Novel2013Oneshot
458The Companions I Trusted in Were All Assassins Planted by Corrupt HeroesWeb Novel2018Oneshot
457The Contents of the Mail that the Earth Invasion In-Charge’s Subordinate Sent are Strange After All.Web Novel2017Oneshot
525The Day I DisappearedWeb Novel2018Completed(3)
526The Emperor and the Wild DogWeb Novel2014Oneshot
1417The Engagement with My True Love Got CancelledWeb NovelN/AOneshot
1418The Fiancee who I Thought was a Perfect Girl is TsundereWeb Novel2020Oneshot
910The Girl Who Awoke To Absolute OrderWeb Novel2015Oneshot
1252The Girl Who Sold Her Body, Who Might Be The Person Who Bought HerWeb Novel2017Oneshot
1256The Last Man on EarthWeb NovelN/AOneshot
527The Legend of the Big JJWeb NovelN/AOneshot
456The Legendary Sword I picked up is DifferentWeb Novel2016Oneshot
455The Mail That My Lover Sent is Strange.Web Novel2017Oneshot
454The Mail The Foreign Student Sent Is Strange!Web Novel2017Oneshot
1269The Math Problems of a Relative’s Elementary School Kid Are Too WeirdWeb Novel2014Oneshot
1404The Me who was Reincarnated in the World of an Otome Game Changed the Scenario without Realizing It.Web NovelN/AOneshot
171The Probability I Can Kill My Wife Without Being Found OutWeb Novel2016Oneshot
1443The Rabbit Boss’ BakeryWeb NovelN/AOneshot
528The Rabbit Is Over Here!Web NovelN/AOneshot
453The Report the Earth Invasion In-Charge’s Subordinate Sent Is Extremely Strange.Web Novel2017Oneshot
452The Saintess (lol) is a Death Flag ArchitectWeb Novel2015Oneshot
529The Shameless PrinceChinese NovelN/AOneshot
1446The Story of Girl Whose Two Childhood Friends Confess to Her. And Her Attempt to Hold Them Together, In a 3P Relationship.Web Novel2018Oneshot
1428The Story of Two Brothers, a Hero and a CarpenterWeb Novel2018Oneshot
1433The Tale of a Girl Abandoned by her Companion and Dropped to the Bottom of the Abyss to Meet the 《King of Demons》Web Novel2019Oneshot
530The Tale of the Death of a CockroachWeb NovelN/AOneshot
1425The Temptation of ThanatosWeb Novel2019Oneshot
1464The Villainess (Provisional) Wants to Make Her Fiance Fall with S*x AppealWeb Novel2017Oneshot
451The Villainess is Crown Prince’s Political OpponentWeb Novel2016Oneshot
1423The Villainess was Captured by the Prince before the Game StartedWeb Novel2020Oneshot
450The Witch and the Gourd of StoriesWeb Novel2016Completed(2)
448There Is an Angel in That ChurchWeb Novel2017Oneshot
449There is a Narrative Trick in this StoryWeb NovelN/AOneshot
1432This Generation’s GeniusWeb NovelN/AOneshot
447This is My Common SenseWeb NovelN/AOneshot
1453Though I have the Unique Skill 『Save & Load』, I will be Expelled from the Hero Party No Matter How Many Times I Start Over, Rather Fight Back- I deal with my Ill Fate and Mess Up the HeroWeb Novel2020Oneshot
235Three Lifetimes of Trials; A Wind Chime Brings TearsWeb Novel2017Oneshot
446Time to ReturnWeb Novel2015Oneshot
445To aru Shoujo to sono Shinyu no NichijoWeb Novel2012Oneshot
444Together, AlwaysWeb Novel2010Oneshot
443Tombstone And The WolfWeb Novel2012Oneshot
442Tsuki no SangoLight Novel2011Oneshot
1439Under the Peach Blossom Tree at 6:30 p.m.Web NovelN/AOneshot
1456Unfortunately, My Engagement was Cancelled, but I Don’t Care Anymore!Web Novel2020Oneshot
103Until the Saint Loves BackWeb Novel2017Oneshot
441Villainess or Heroine? First and Foremost, That is the Question?Web Novel2017Oneshot
440Watashi to Kanojo no SynesthesiaWeb Novel2016Oneshot
439Watashi wa Iwayuru Akuyakurashiga, Kichinto Batsu wa Ukeru Node Minogashite Hoshi to OmouWeb Novel2015Oneshot
1430Welcome Back, My DearWeb Novel2019Oneshot
1447Well, Villainous DaughterWeb NovelN/AOneshot
438What if the the Ugly Duckling Wasn’t a Swan But a Dragon?Web Novel2018Oneshot
436When I Became Able to See Status, I Got to Know My Classmate’s SecretWeb Novel2015Oneshot
435When I Chant Ignite, Black Figures Next to Me Would Strike a MatchWeb Novel2018Oneshot
434Why Didn’t You Tell Me Your Mother Was a Fujoshi?Web NovelN/AOneshot
433Wishing Happiness unto an Idiot SisterWeb NovelN/AOneshot
432Yellow Springs Inn (Bai Fan)Web Novel2013Oneshot
437Yopparai wo Hirotta Kanojo wa Ibukuro wo Tsukande ShimattaWeb Novel2017Oneshot
431You Know Too MuchWeb Novel2010Oneshot
430You Owe Me Your DraftWeb Novel2011Oneshot
429You’re Gonna Break the Engagement? Right?Web Novel2015Oneshot
426ZiqinWeb Novel2012Completed(2)
425Zokuniiu akuyaku reijō tte, kon’na kanjide yoi nodeshou?Web Novel2014Oneshot
487Īkagen’ni shitara?Web Novel2015Oneshot Copyright 2016 - 2021