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“Oh, fucking Vaughn Asher in a bed is my new number one request.”

His smile drops and the dimple disappears again. “We already did it in a bed. That night you got too drunk to remember what happened.”

I lift my hips up and slide my hands between my legs, guiding his thick cock into my entrance. I watch his face the whole time. He watches mine back. I ease down on him and let out a gasp as he stretches me. He grabs my ass and pushes down, completely filling me up.

“Your pussy is so wet for me, Grace.”

My hair falls over my shoulders and hangs down, draping across his chest. He reaches up with one hand and then palms my throat. I stop my slow rocking for a moment, taken by surprise.

He waits to see if I’ll object. But I’m not about to object. We are so far from those two people who bickered on the beach about limits. So very, very, far.

I swallow hard and his palm is tight enough against my throat that I know he feels it. This makes me start my motions again. I slide forward, lifting up a little, and then drag my clit across the flat plane of his lower abdomen.

He tightens his grip, watching me. His eyes are attentive and not at all consumed with lust like mine must surely appear.

I repeat my motions, more forcefully this time. His other hand reaches around my hip and then his finger is pressed against my asshole.

I groan as he slips his thumb up against my pussy, sliding it in alongside his dick, and then uses that slickness to lubricate my ass.

My body wants to collapse against his chest, but his palm on my throat keeps me erect. I rock harder, lifting my hips high so his cock almost fully withdraws, and then slamming down onto of him.

His jaw clenches each time. “Fuck,” he growls. “I want to flip you over and fuck your ass so bad.”

“Let me get off and then you can.”

In one swift second I’m face down on the bed, his hands holding my hips in place and his cock pressing up against my asshole.

“Don’t boss me, baby. I’ll take that ass any time I want.”

Oh, shit, as much as this should piss me off, it doesn’t. It turns me on so fucking bad. “Sorry, Master,” I say, turning my head to see what he thinks of that.

He leans down on me, his muscular chest, hard and corded, pressing against my chest until almost his full weight is on me. “Mmmm, that shit still turns me on, Grace, but it’s just a game. Don’t take it too seriously.”

“Yes, Master,” I say back with a giggle.

He presses the head of his cock against my puckered entrance and I squirm, but his palm is back on my throat, keeping me close. “If I had lube here, I’d use it. But I don’t, baby. Do you still want me to take you from behind?”

“Go slow,” I whisper.

“I will, sweets.” His fingers drag my wetness up to my ass to get it nice and slick for his cock. “I want all the moments we have together to last and last.” He presses the head of his dick against my opening and I gasp and pull away a little. “I want the perfect moments to drag on forever.” He brings his fingers to my mouth and slides them inside, pressing down a little on my tongue. “Get them nice and wet for me baby.” I let my saliva pool inside my mouth and then he swipes it out, dragging a sticky strand past my lips. It’s cool when it touches my ass, but that sensation is replaced by his thick cock as it enters.

I moan through the pain and discomfort for the first few seconds of penetration, recalling that he prepared me for this the last time. But then his dick gets past some critical point and it slips in easily.

“Fuck, you are so tight, Grace. I love this, I love fucking your ass. I love the way you clench around me”—he slips his fingers between my legs to play with my clit—“when I do this.”

“Ohh,” I moan out as he flicks the sensitive folds with his finger. And then he withdraws his cock, leaving me wanting so badly. “Don’t stop,” I plead. “Please, more,” I groan.

He lifts my hips up. “On your knees, Grace,” he says in his Master voice. “Get on your knees.”

I don’t have to do much, just prop myself up mostly, because his strong hands lift up my hips and that’s all it takes. He reenters my ass—this time it slips in easily—and pounds me from behind. I forget that a few moments ago I was lamenting the withdrawal of his fingers, because his balls slap against my clit with each forceful entry.

“Yes,” he says, laying his chest over my back. Covering me completely. Dominating me completely. His dick far up inside me. “Come for me, sweets,” he says in a low whisper. “Come for me. Squeeze my cock.” And then his mouth is on my shoulder, biting, a sting that drives me wild, because his hand is between my legs, teasing my pussy.

I feel my orgasm building. His fingers increase their motion, and then his teeth find my earlobe and it’s over for me. He’s biting, his dick is in my ass, and then he places his fingers, still wet from my own juices, against my lips. My mouth opens and I suck off his hand as I explode.

My body shudders. The muscles in my legs are trembling so bad, I want to collapse back onto the bed, but his hand is still covering my pussy, holding me up as he continues to thrust.

And I’m barely done when he withdraws and flips me over again.

I’m jelly now. Pliable. Malleable. Satiated, still reeling from my release.

He points his dick at my face and when I look up at him, he’s asking.

I open my mouth, my heart beating fast from the orgasm and the fear.